Tim Mangan (guest)

Tim Mangan is the owner of TMurgent Technologies, a Microsoft Partner dedicated to all things App-V and MSIX Technologies. Tim is a Microsoft MVP and Citrix CTP Fellow for his presence helping others in the technical communities. He has several applications in the Windows Store and a whole lot of applications distributed through his own website.

Written articles

MSIX and Code Signing Certificates: What Developers Must Know

While for MSIs, this was an optional step, signing your MSIX package is mandatory. Microsoft’s MSIX technology requires the use of code signing certificates to deploy packages.

Why software vendors should care about MSIX, and an approach to tackle it

Microsoft this spring announced MSIX, the eventual replacement for the ubiquitous MSI that software vendors use to deliver their product to their customers. Quite a few people are getting excited about MSIX, including tool vendors like Advanced Installer, who are rolling out early versions of tooling to help you play with this new format. And while there has been plenty of information about what MSIX is and who should care about it, I’m not sure that Microsoft has done a good enough job of making the case to the software vendors about why they should care.

App-V for Independent Software Vendors

Windows 10 Anniversary edition brought App-V as a built-in feature in the OS, accessible to all Enterprise users without any additional costs (until now you had to purchase the MDOP).

Update on Microsoft Desktop Bridge

With the Anniversary Update to Windows 10 this summer, Microsoft made the official release of the Microsoft Desktop Bridge for Windows, formerly known as Project Centennial. The Desktop Bridge is a transitional approach that Microsoft is using to encourage software vendors to start the process of migrating older software technologies, such as traditional "Win32", ".Net", and "Java" apps towards Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps.

The Challenges for Software Developers with Modern App Delivery

While much attention goes into the design of software products, when it comes to commercial software sold to businesses, it is often the installer that receives the least amount of attention when in comparison to the impact that the component has on the customer. The customer is not only the end-user that considers your application to be their personal “mission critical app“.