Consulting and Training - Service Details

Advanced Installer Consulting and Training Services

With over 10 years of experience in Windows Installer (re)packaging our team strives to offer to our users access to the best resources of consulting and training. We will offer the mentioned services on-demand, only after you email us, we analyze your requirements and can guarantee that we will deliver the product in the time frame you require.

Since we are a small team we cannot accept all requests due to human resources limits, but we will strive to assist as much clients as possible.


As part of our consulting services we can help you create your setup packages or we can create them for your from scratch, along with any custom actions you desire. The entire sources generated as a result of the consulting contract will be passed to you once the contract is completed, so you can re-use them anytime you need, for example to deploy a new version of your application.

All custom actions, if any are required, will be written in C++ or C# (DTF), depending on your preferences.

As we said, our resources are limited, because of this we cannot accept very small consulting requests, i.e. that take just 2-3 hours to implement. For this we can still help you with guidances from our regular support team, on the forums and over email, so you can implement the projects by yourself.


  • Fast project development
  • Direct access to Advanced Installer developers
  • Industry standard compliant setups
  • Priority on support inquiries


We are a software company, not a sales man enterprise, thus our training services do not consist of nicely edited and colored books. Instead, we provide you with front-row seats to a class held by the actual developers that build Advanced Installer, this way we can ensure that your team will be able to get the best answers on the spot. Of course, there are additional materials that your team can study, which you can also find on our website, these include description of all features from Advanced Installer, tutorials and how to's, accompanied by sample projects.

Training is done only at customer's site, not at our offices.


  • In-house tips and tricks on using Advanced Installer
  • Keep the knowledge inside your company's HR
  • Reduce package development time and bugs reports


To request a quote or if you have any questions regarding our consulting and training services please email or call us using the following contact information.

Write Us

Email: support at advancedinstaller dot com

Call Us

  • USA: +1 650 963 5574
  • UK and International: +44 20 3608 0638

ImportantPlease note that the above telephone numbers are only available weekdays between 7 AM and 4 PM GMT (7 AM - 12 PM EST).