Advanced Installer Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans

ImportantAdvanced Installer Maintenance Plans give you access to all application updates (both major and minor) and technical support.

There is a corresponding Maintenance Plan for each type of license:

  • Professional Maintenance Plan
  • Enterprise Maintenance Plan
  • Architect Maintenance Plan

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Major Benefits

Application Updates

Your copy of Advanced Installer application will always be up to date, so you can benefit from all the available enhancements that are released during the period your maintenance plan is valid.

TipA valid Maintenance Plan gives you access to all product updates, major and minor. There is no extra fee to upgrade to the latest Advanced Installer version.

Technical Support

Your support inquiries will receive priority answers from our professional Support Team.


Each Advanced Installer license purchase includes a free 12-months Maintenance Plan. After this period of free Maintenance Plan expires, you can easily purchase an extension.

This purchase is optional. It is our desire to earn your renewal by providing great updates and enhancements. If you choose not to renew your Maintenance Plan, you can still use your licensed version of Advanced Installer, but you will lose the periodical application updates and the free technical support.

NoteYou can see the status of your Maintenance Plan on the Customer Information page.