Merge ModulesMerge Modules

Merge modules are the Windows Installer standard for reusable setup logic and resources. Development teams can build and distribute MSM files that include installer components and functionality shared between applications.

Advanced Installer allows you to:

  • create new merge modules from scratch
  • import regular or redistributable(WiX and Visual Studio) merge modules for further editing
  • add merge modules in your installer projects

Learn!Add Merge Module tutorial
Read the introductory tutorial and see how easy it really is.

Visual Studio MSMs

Visual Studio provides multiple merge modules with application run-times. These merge modules can be added and redistributed with your package to make sure that your product works on target machines.

Merge Modules

Configurable MSMs

You can create merge modules with attributes configurable by the consumer of the merge module. Specify which items can be modified and how these items can be configured.

Digital Signature

Advanced Installer supports signing merge modules for modern or older operating systems, according to Microsoft's guidelines.

ICE validation

Automatically test the internal consistency of merge modules using the evaluators that come with Windows Installer SDK.

This feature is available starting with the Freeware Suite. See more features.