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Digital Signing in Advanced Installer
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Aarhus UniversityAdobeAppleDellIBMDieboldFedEx ExpressGoogleAtlassianEmEditorMailBirdMicrosoftMitsubishiIntelSeagateToshibaUnysysViacomWestern Digital

The need for securely signed software is not a benefit - it’s a necessity.

Users have become more cautious than ever about installing software from unknown sources. The challenge? IT Professionals face the complexities of digital signing applications, navigating certificate management, and meeting evolving Windows security standards.

Advanced Installer addresses digital signing challenges head-on with multiple integrations. Offering support for SHA-2 signatures, Azure Key Vault connection, and compatibility with CI/CD pipelines, Advanced Installer simplifies the digital signing process.

Securely Signed Software

How Does Digital Signing Work in Advanced Installer

How Does Digital Signing Work in Advanced Installer

Trusted Signing Integration

  • SSO via Azure Authentication
  • Similar reputation as EV Code Signing
  • Sign your binaries and the installer

Use the most secure identity and access management system from Azure to manage your certificates and log their usage. Leverage the native integration with your GitHub Actions and Azure Devops pipelines.

Advanced Installer Digital Signature Key Features

Advanced Installer comes packed with a comprehensive set of features for digital signing, making it a complete application packaging tool for software developers and IT professionals.

Trusted Signing Predefined Support

Experience the seamless integration between the power of Azure's cloud and Advanced Installer's smooth setup process.

Our "Trusted Signing" integration links your Azure account for code signing within the software, simplifying digital signature management and strengthening application security with ease.

We ensure your workflow remains secure and efficient by not storing or managing your passwords. SignTool.exe handles the Azure authentication directly via the OS. This approach not only prioritizes your security but also streamlines the authentication process, making digital signing more reliable.

Easy Integration with Code Signing Certificates for EXE, MSI, MSIX

Advanced Installer makes it easy for you to integrate the code signing certificates into your software packaging process directly from the packaging tool environment.

Digitally sign your MSI, EXE, and MSIX packages , and be ready for the UAC and Windows SmartScreen check.

Choose from standard certificate types, self-signed generated certificates, or CA certificates to Extended Validation (EV) certificates, and benefit from flexibility and security for your software development needs.

Azure Key Vault Signing

Azure Key Vault integration helps you to safely store your code signing certificates in the cloud and access them to sign your installers. All directly from Advanced Installer's GUI.

This feature not only simplifies the signing process but also enhances the security of your certificate management workflow, relying on the best security standards Microsoft provides to Azure customers.

Streamline Signing for Installation Files

Advanced Installer allows you to digitally sign any eligible file included in your installation in a single, simple, integrated build step.

Sign Patches and External Cabinet Files

By signing patches you can enable least-privileged user account patching without UAC elevation prompts.

Signing all install archives allows Windows Installer to verify their integrity and detect possible corruptions before installing.

Sign Visual Studio Extension, Add-In

Sign your VSIX, Add-In, and give your customers peace of mind that your software is genuine.

Complement the traditional digital signing techniques with our native support for Device Guard Signing.

Use the Microsoft Device Guard Signing for all types of packages, be it EXE, MSI, or MSIX.

Digital Signature Integrations


Extended Validation (EV) Certificates

Gain higher trust on Windows platforms with EV certificates.


Access to cloud services for digital signing

Manage your certificates securely in the cloud.


CI/CD Pipeline Integration

Automate your digital signing within your existing CI/CD workflows, supporting tools like Azure DevOps, and GitHub Actions. This ensures a seamless, secure, and efficient digital signing process, fully integrated into your software development lifecycle.

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Outstanding Technical Support

From SHA-1 to SHA-2 transitions, Azure Key Vault integration, and CI/CD pipeline compatibility, Advanced Installer offers extensive support for all your digital signing needs.


Compliance with Security Standards

Meet the latest Windows security standards, including the mandatory SHA-2 certification.


Simplified Process

Advanced Installer’s user-friendly interface simplifies and demystifies the entire digital signing process, making it straightforward to tech professionals of all skill levels.


Broad Compatibility

From signing your MSI, EXE, or MSIX packages to every component within, Advanced Installer covers every scenario.


SAC (Smart App Control), UAC (User Account Control), Windows SmartScreen  - 100% Compliant

Marvin W.
The Best of all Installers!
The technical support is Awesome! I've been using Advanced Installer since 2004 and they have always provided 100% support.
Scott M.
Advanced Installer - a great tool for software deployment
I like how easy it is to customize my installs, from specifying the target folder to adding an icon for my installer, to much more complex things like registry edits/adds, build types, prerequisites, and many, many more features. I also like the Update feature, which makes it easy to deploy updates to my existing customers.
Marvin W.
The Best of all Installers!
Updates were my most sought-after feature. Advanced Installer provided great detail on how to set up and use this feature.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Digital Signature?

A digital signature assures users that the software they download and install comes from a trusted source and has not been altered or corrupted after signing. This process is essential for maintaining software security and integrity, creating trust between software providers and users.

Can I sign different types of installers?

Yes, Advanced Installer supports signing for MSI, EXE, and MSIX installers.

How does the integration with Azure Key Vault work?

Store your certificates securely in the cloud and access them directly from the Advanced Installer’s dedicated GUI.

How does Azure Key Vault integration enhance security?

By storing your certificates in Azure Key Vault, you leverage Microsoft's cloud security for your certificate management, ensuring they are protected against unauthorized access.

Can I automate the digital signing process in my CI/CD pipeline?

Yes, Advanced Installer integrates with popular CI/CD tools, allowing you to automate digital signing as part of your software deployment process.

Does Advanced Installer offer support?

Advanced Installer offers comprehensive documentation, tutorial videos, and a technical support team to assist you with any questions or issues you might encounter.

What licensing options are available for the Digital Signature, and how do they differ?

We offer three main licensing options for Digital Signature: Professional, Enterprise, and Architect. The Professional license is perfect for solo developers working on a single project. The Enterprise license suits small to medium-sized teams needing to update multiple projects. Lastly, the Architect license is tailored for large organizations requiring advanced features and support for numerous packaging projects.