MSI Conflict Detector

The MSI Conflict Detector is a tool that allows you to monitor a repository of MSI packages (no matter with what tool they were built) for breaking conflicts. It can be run manually with full UI or from within scripts, called programmatically.

NoteThis is a free tool available for download in the Tools page and within the Architect edition of Advanced Installer, starting with version 13.2.

Msi conflict detector rules

GUI and Command Line

Sometime you may need to manually check if a certain vendor MSI is compatible with your current repository so you can ship ASAP onto the users. For this you can launch the tool and follow our wizard, in just a few minutes you will have your checks performed.

The command line support is here to help you create an automated process for your packaging team. So that each time a new MSI is added in the repository you can have a script called that will run the tool and check the new MSI against the existent ones. This helps your team maintain a healthy set of packages at all times.

Fixing Errors

The MSI Quick Editor from Advanced Installer can help you create a new transform to fix the conflicts or edit directly the MSI. The highly intuitive GUI allows you to customize the MSI in just a few minutes, without having to check each table (the tool does this for you).