MSI EditorMSI Editor

Performing MSI quick-edits from Advanced Installer's user interface is extremely easy and intuitive. Configure MSI installers on the fly and save changes as MST transform files, App-V or ThinApp package types.


User Friendly Interface

  • Work with files and folders as you would in Windows Explorer.
  • File
  • Configuring registry entries is based on the Registry Editor experience in Windows.
  • Registry
  • Visually organize features and components within Windows Installer's guidelines.
  • Features organization
  • Choose from the many predefined custom actions or add your own.
  • Custom actions
  • ...and many more

TipThe supported edit operations can also be performed from the Advanced Installer command line.

Output in Multiple Formats

You can save your changes as:

  • MSI (with resources inside or outside and compression settings)
  • MST transform files
  • App-V (4.x or 5.x)
  • ThinApp

Table Editor

Fine tuning and low level editing of the MSI can be performed from the Table Editor as well.

NoteIf you want to have access to more complex features you must migrate to an Advanced Installer project using MSI import.

This feature is available starting with the Architect Suite. See more features.