Advanced Installer 10.0 Release Notes

On March 21st, 2013 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 10.0 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

Celebrating ten years since its birth in March 2003, Advanced Installer 10 is the culmination of a decade of installer research, of relentless efforts to make the Windows Installer technology more manageable and accessible to countless developers worldwide.

Advanced Installer 10 is the first high-level authoring tool that can create AppV 5.0 packages with just a few mouse clicks, from a user-friendly GUI. Get ready to run on the latest Microsoft enterprise virtualization environments enjoying easier, faster, more powerful and stable virtualized application.

New features
  • Support for AppV 5.0
  • IIS WebSite ISAPI Filters and Restrictions
  • Allow "Visual Studio Application" import to create imported files per configuration/build
  • Customizable Summary Information for MSI
  • New 64-bit LZMA encoder for handling larger archives with high compression ratios
  • Change/Move Repository Manager location was improved
  • Added mouse hourglass cursor during "PrepareDlg" and "ProgressDlg"
  • Import Control Panel Icon when importing an MSI
  • Import Files Association Icon Index when importing an MSI
  • Build process was improved
  • Allowed "Fast installation" option for Windows Installer 4.5
  • Created VB.NET sample for integrating the updater
Bug fixes
  • "advinst.exe" return code was 0 even if the build failed, breaking automated build scenarios
  • Project was not saved when pressing build and then closing Advanced Installer
  • "Run and log" for patch project failed
  • "Per-machine if administrator, per-user otherwise" install location was not resolved when original location wasn't used
  • Install conditions for "VSTO 2010 Runtime (x64)" were inefficient on some Windows 7 x64 machines
  • Launch condition for Windows Server 2008 x86 was incorrect
  • Adobe Reader X (and lower versions) predefined launch condition didn't check for version XI
  • Transform Wizard didn't capture properties changes performed on "ExitDialog"
  • Software Identification Tag <product_version><numeric> was not updated when the product version was changed from the command line
  • The Bootstrapper didn't correctly display the names of RTL languages in the language selection dialog
  • Packages with both "Install new version first and then uninstall old version" option enabled and file removal operations failed on Windows Server 2008
  • IIS installation crashed when specific HTTPS Binding IP was used
  • Error when copying IIS Web Application from one Advanced Installer instance to another
  • AppPool copy-paste was broken in IIS View
  • Predefined published events threw error when trying to edit the "Condition" text field
  • "Deleting extraction files" message was not localized for Enhanced UI installations
  • The prerequisites order on the PrerequisitesDlg didn't correspond with the order from Prerequisies Page
  • "Run" button from ribbon was activated when launching the new project wizard
  • The ribbon was minimized when using a project from the recent list
  • Symbolic links were not correctly handled when parsing file/folder paths
  • Custom actions view crashed when "Update Features Install States" custom action was automatically removed
  • The uninstall command line option didn't work when the "Enhanced User Interface" was enabled
  • Spring theme did not change the frame color
  • Fixed Smart Condition Edit control display problem
  • UserRegistrationDlg ignored the missing separators inside a serial number
  • File could not be registered using "Extract registration info from native library option"
  • Switching between VMware Workstation and Player triggered a failure when starting VM repackaging
  • Running repackager in VM two times consecutively failed with malformed command line
  • Error occurred when setting folder permissions
  • Could not open projects referring AiSkipExitDlg property as a control event