Advanced Installer 10.3 Release Notes

On June 26th, 2013 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 10.3 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 10.3 release brings the ability to create COM interfaces, a streamlined IIS configuration UI, a command line interface for editing Update Configurations and many more.

New features
  • Creating COM Interfaces
  • Streamlined IIS configuration UI
  • Updates Configuration project CLI
  • Enhanced UI Masked Edit Control
  • Refresh files list when adding/removing/renaming a project in a Visual Studio solution that contains an Advanced Installer setup project
  • Keyboard shortcut to filter/navigate left menu
  • Option to ignore files with minor changes when patching
  • Option to hide console of launched EXE for "Launch File" custom action
  • Pseudo-formatted data type for Pre-Install Updates "Configuration file URL" field
  • Show expanded pseudo-formatted file names in Files and Folders page
  • Use resource strings (instead of System strings) for Back, Next, Finish, Cancel Updater buttons
  • Support to create a new security descriptor starting from an existing one
  • Assign a dynamic instance name to a package instance
  • Detect when Windows Feature installations require reboot and inform the user
  • Detect when Windows cannot install a Feature because it cannot access the Internet
  • Easier System Store Name modification for IIS SSL Certificates
  • Set defaults for Description fields from Digital Signatures page
Bug fixes
  • HTML Host control was unable to subscribe to events
  • App-V 5.0 build failed when "Registry.dat" was missing and the user project did not contain any registry entries
  • Project Summary Dialog showed wrong content categories for App-V 5.0 builds
  • Sharepoint WSP deployment failed if the WSP file name contained blank spaces
  • Adding an Advanced Installer project to a solution in Visual Studio got the same Product code and Upgrade code every time
  • When the LZMA compression was enabled on 64-bit OS, the project resource files from 32-bit SYSTEM location couldn't be added to the build
  • Advanced Installer could not import an MSI with invalid tables
  • Trial message didn't get focus
  • Updater was left hanging in the background
  • Changed "Sun JVM" virtual machine provider name
  • Autorun didn't work with the new MSI sub-folder configuration
  • Scheduled tasks were not removed after the uninstall process
  • Hash Files option did not work
  • Incorrect output file detection
  • Features lost additional install conditions
  • Fixed corner case crash when dialog was deleted
  • Crash when copying a custom action after Finish Execution stage
  • The "Display message box" custom action "Title" field had no pseudo-formatted visual hint
  • "Display message box" custom action didn't support Unicode characters
  • Error when copying a "Display message box" custom action
  • Fixed UI for "Get free TCP port" custom action on Windows XP
  • Bug when editing MSI and creating custom action
  • Left menu navigation did not work on several project types
  • When creating a new project the left menu remained in edit mode