Advanced Installer 12.8 Release Notes

On March 23rd, 2016 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 12.8 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

Virtual machines are mandatory if you want to optimize your testing or repackaging efforts. Version 12.8 includes built-in support to create new virtual machines directly from within Advanced Installer.

You can use these machines to repackage applications, test your setup packages or sequence App-V packages. You can also share the VMs with your colleagues, by simply storing them in a network share.

Tired of accidentally repackaging EXEs that are actually MSI wrappers? Now our repackager automatically detects and hands you the original MSI, saving you precious time.

New features
  • Support to create a new virtual machine for testing or repackaging operations
  • Detect embedded MSI installs during EXE repackaging
  • Launch condition to allow packages installation on Windows XP/2003 only with latest Service Pack
  • Support for App Paths, URL Protocols and TreatAs settings in App-V 5 manifest
  • Import ActiveX settings for a COM when editing an App-V package
  • Support to impersonate installing user for "File Download" operation
  • Updated "New custom action" wizard to include PowerShell Scripts
  • Automatically detect "msimsp.exe" from latest Windows SDK
  • User can select and copy the computer ID to the clipboard
  • "Install Content into Parent Folder" command line option
  • Command line option to set the detection criteria in an "Updates Configuration" project
  • Bootstrapper command line option to hide the [ Cancel ] button in basic UI
  • Show an error message if dual signing is not supported by "signtool.exe"
  • Updated "Adobe AIR" prerequisite to new major version 21
  • Updated "Adobe Flash Player 18 ESR" prerequisites to latest version
  • Updated "Apache Tomcat 6.0" prerequisite to latest version 6.0.45
  • Updated "Java 8" prerequisites to latest version 8u74
  • Updated "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015" prerequisites to Update 1
Bug fixes
  • Fixed exception thrown when trying to create a new registry value in App-V 5 builds
  • App-V 5 registry virtualize level could not be set for keys with no values
  • The "Install Parameters" page showed the other builds properties when selecting App-V and MacOSX builds
  • Fixed crash when importing a repackager file that contained Unicode characters in its name
  • Registry values were processed incorrectly for short file paths when extracting COM info
  • Fixed self-registration extraction issues for duplicated COM files
  • IIS web site subsequent installations were skipped when the product was not registered with Windows Installer
  • Some custom actions were not shown when switching between Install and Uninstall UI filter
  • "Active Directory Federation Services" role was not installed on Windows Server 2012
  • Files were digitally signed SHA256 with a SHA1 certificate
  • EXE setup process hanged when using log command line switch
  • Enhanced UI caused delay on uninstall
  • Fixed multiple instances upgrades for 64-bit packages
  • Multiple instances could not be maintained when Enhanced UI was enabled
  • Could not edit MSIs with custom tables having file references in formatted fields like: [#fileid]
  • Features' conditions disappeared after build
  • Could not edit MSIs with invalid MsiIdentifier as file ID
  • "File Copy/Move" operation ignored the "Execute on" flag
  • Validation message on "Upgrades Product Info" tab was wrong
  • "Uninstall using this command line" option didn't work during basic UI uninstall
  • Advanced Installer crashed when generating transform file
  • Installer Analytics uninstall reports got in exceptions reports when Advanced Installer was in trial mode
  • Installer Analytics charts displayed data for the current year only
  • Prerequisites were launched in background
  • Fixed download links for "Apache Tomcat" 7 and 8 prerequisites
  • Fixed ".NET Framework 4.6.1" prerequisites installation on Windows 10