Advanced Installer 14.5 Release Notes

On November 27th, 2017 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 14.5 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The latest version of Advanced Installer brings you a new set of predefined prerequisites, enabling you to easily provision end-user machines and provide your users with the best installation UX.

Love discovering powerful features within Advanced Installer? Check out the following video and learn how easy it is to make sure all your artifacts are included in the setup package, automatically.

New features
  • Predefined prerequisites and launch conditions for ".NET Core 2.0"
  • Predefined prerequisites and launch conditions for ".NET Framework 4.7.1"
  • Predefined prerequisites and launch conditions for "SQL Server Express 2017"
  • New search type for registry keys that checks if sub-values enumeration contains a certain version
  • Recent Project pinning support
  • Added option to clear Recent Project from recent list
  • Merge modules are visible in the "Organization" page
  • Visual Studio Integration - ProductCode remains unchanged when changing product version
  • Visual Studio Integration - automatically include the output of all dependent projects
  • Set application working directory to the source path when Auto-Close Application is used
  • Add limit looping cleanup scripts after installation
  • Detect and not create snapshots if AI tools are already installed when provisioning a VM
  • Registry preserve operation now supports bitness
  • Added option to display in Install Parameters view the properties used by predefined dialogs
  • Added filter for properties displayed in Install Parameters view
  • Disabled "Duplicate Dialog" option for non-AIP dialogs
  • The Web installer can be canceled when EUI is enabled
  • More protection for service account password
  • Custom messages for the Updater when prompting users
  • Register multiple DLLs at once with only one UAC prompt
  • Support component change from EditIniFile dialog
  • Update "Java 8" prerequisites to latest version 8u151
  • Update timestamp URL for GlobalSign
  • "Check predefined launch conditions before searching for prerequisites" option is checked by default
Bug fixes
  • Required lock screen capability is missing
  • CER and PVK certificate files are not be accepted anymore for "Digital Signature"
  • Visual Studio Extension does not display duplicate references without saving the AIP or the solution
  • Advanced Installer setup project doesn't display all its referenced files when opened in Visual Studio
  • Target Computer from Files and Folders view in Visual Studio Extension project type can be renamed
  • Quick-editing of packages made with older version of Advanced Installer using tables with different columns that the current version
  • Build error on AI_ChainedPackageFile table
  • Directory table could not be linked as tree
  • Advanced Installer throws error when editing a property on specific AIP
  • ReBuild icon is missing for Simple projects
  • Java Products Compression option cannot be configured
  • "Generate native image" assembly option throw invalid warning in merge module project
  • Populate combo box data action incorrectly parse the \# character sequence
  • The Updater doesn't select the language correctly when using a multi-language MSI
  • App-V 5 package does not install after editing with AI versions after 13.2
  • Message Box text is not correctly formatted when used from multiple threads
  • Cannot save an edited MSI with condition table empty
  • Resources are not replaced with MSMs when importing an RPK file
  • Multiple buttons from ribbon remain enabled after closing New Project Wizard
  • The /SetPackageName command doesn't work for EXE packages
  • "Static Text" controls do not have transparency on a "Tab host" (Server 2008 R2)
  • Java launch conditions broken for mixed 32/64-bit packages