Advanced Installer 15.8 Release Notes

On March 20th, 2019 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 15.8 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The latest version of Advanced Installer brings you a new set of features and improvements across all editions.

Customize your MSIX/APPX package by using our built-in support for generating Visual Assets and get ready to deploy to the Microsoft Store.

Check out the video below and see how Advanced Installer automatically generates Visual Assets for your MSIX.

New features, bug fixes, and general improvements are included in the current release. See the full list below.

New features
  • Ability to generate assets for your MSIX package from the Visual Assets page
  • Support for OpenJDK for MacOS
  • Create MSIX Windows Store app bundles
  • Create Public Html File fixup
  • Validate portable executable for MSIX signing
  • Option to delete shortcuts from the setup project within Visual Studio
  • Improvements for predefined LaunchFile custom action
  • Improve usage of temp files
  • Using "Run as administrator" option changes by default the package type to EXE
  • Move focus on the Password field when using Encrypt archive for LZMA compression
  • Search for the upgraded package in the same location as the "updater.txt" file
  • Compatibility check between SignTool version and MSIX target platform version
  • Run as admin option for the "Launch Application at the end of installation" feature
  • Repackager usability improvements
Bug fixes
  • Updater /set loglevel command issue
  • CustomizeDlg issue on Enhanced User Interface when selecting what features to install
  • Private path variables are not used by synchronized folders
  • Installation actions summary logs actions that are not actually executed
  • MacOS custom plist entries can't be added
  • The side by side installs and install new version first upgrade options should be mutually exclusive
  • "Allow side by side installs of different product versions" option does not work from QuickEdit
  • "Quick Selection List" and "CheckBox" issues
  • The main installer does not support cancellation during feature based prerequisite installation
  • Project type change from Professional to Express on mouse hover
  • Modification Package left menu is not correctly displayed
  • Response transform operation hangs
  • Error importing Visual Studio Setup project
  • When creating a Response Transform TARGETDIR value becomes "I:\"
  • Powershell script fails when a user has a name that contains an apostrophe
  • Path variables used by synchronized files append a "\" before files names
  • Visual Studio import is not working on Visual Studio 2019 preview
  • "New Condition" wizard UI when using radio buttons
  • Permissions are lost when copy/pasting a key registry