Advanced Installer 16.0 Release Notes

On May 28th, 2019 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 16.0 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

In the past 12 months, we've worked hard on setting the foundation of the new packaging and deployment technology, MSIX. We also continued listening to your feedback, and that led us towards one of our biggest bug-fixing effort in years, along with some important architectural redesigns, all aimed at making your work easier.

Collaboration is vital when creating any project, and this is why the new version of Advanced Installer now offers support for a quicker and easier merge when using source control systems, with any merging tool.

The following video shows how easily you can merge conflicting Advanced Installer projects created or modified with the current release.

New features, bug fixes, and general improvements are included in the current release. See the full list below.

New features
  • Add Undo functionality to Table Editor
  • Detect Default Programs and related File Type Associations when importing a RPK file
  • Predefined launch conditions for "Windows 10 May 2019 Update"
  • Predefined launch condition and prerequisite for ".NET Framework 4.8"
  • Predefined launch condition and prerequisite for "Java 12"
  • FeatureComponents table is populated before build time
  • Package validator improvements for UWP, AppX and Modification Package projects
  • MSIX COM sync improvements
  • Collaborative editing of Advanced Installer project file by different users improvements
Bug fixes
  • Fix Visual Studio Import detection VS installation path
  • Hide migration options from Modification Package
  • Show run in context menu for MSIX
  • "Detecting MSIX/APPX incompatible resources" is displayed in the build log for MSI/APPX builds if Enable UWP resources compatibility check is disabled
  • Run from ribbon crashes for modification packages
  • Sub-feature is not selected when the parent feature is selected.
  • Multiple fixes related to Visual Assets
  • Fix security issues regarding Visual Studio extension build on continuous integration
  • ListBox automatically scrolls to the bottom
  • Selection rectangle remains after receiving same row already exists error
  • The feature's checkbox and icon not scaled on high DPI on Surface theme
  • Print control does not print more than rich edit control default chars size
  • Masked Edit's tooltip does not disappear, even when canceling the installation (Surface Theme)
  • Test Maintenance UI hangs
  • Scheduled task import operation does not escape the formatted chars
  • Error message is broken if no virtual profile is selected
  • .NET assemblies are detected and displayed in RPP, but are not imported in AI
  • Advanced Installer floating license slot remains hanged after adding AppX build
  • "CheckIfUserExists" custom action does not work with custom properties
  • Edit and Remove button should be disabled if Configuration list is empty
  • Info dialog is unnecessary after adding predefined SQL connection in MSM project
  • Wrong processor architecture message is displayed in silent mode
  • Fast installation does not enable automatically EUI
  • Spring theme is not rendered correctly
  • MSI schema should be reset back to 200 when changing package type from Arm64
  • Cannot sign appx in quick-edit msi
  • Error thrown when path to image contains ".dat"
  • "Move To Feature" doesn't refresh "Feature" column
  • VdProj import fails on MergeMods table
  • Stack trace when copying Mac build with ThinApp present
  • Unexpected behavior in Patch Sequence tree
  • The target name from Patch Sequence and ProductCode from Sequence Options are not synchronized
  • Issues with Specialized Templates
  • Overwrite Behavior of the parent folder is not inherited by its files
  • Scheduled task on event base not imported correctly
  • Error when returning to a cloned project after the initial project got upgraded to a higher license type
  • CD/DVD Launcher name cannot be set individually for each build
  • AI not sequencing "refresh" dialog events correctly
  • SCCM wizard issues
  • Empty Launch executable tooltip of a Game does not disappear
  • Elevation shield is displayed for a per-user installation that does not require elevation
  • The backup file is not deleted when XML update fails
  • The settings that is applied in the dialog stage of the Wizard does not come through as selected in the "Driver Settings" pane
  • AI crashes on second theme change when we have a custom row in ControlCondition table
  • Uninstall from Control Panel does not find the .msi file
  • The trial name is not updated in trial view when changing from Files and Folders
  • UI is not refreshed when fixing ICE 64 Validation error
  • Error is thrown when editing a copy of an ini file of a java product