Advanced Installer 16.1 Release Notes

On July 2nd, 2019 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 16.1 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

PS Automation, PS Automation, PS Automation, PS Automation, PS Automation...

We're not caught up in a loop. We are just so excited about our new PowerShell automation interface that we can't help it.

Faster script execution, code completion, project interrogation, object-level management, pipeline, and many other powerful features will allow you to completely automate your Advanced Installer project updates and CI/CD build pipelines.

Can't wait any more? Check it out in action within the following video.

New features, bug fixes, and general improvements are included in the current release. See the full list below.

New features
  • Automation via PowerShell
  • Predefined launch condition to detect if Windows has a pending reboot
  • Add detection for Java 9 and newer Java bundles
  • New predefined property for the localized value of "Local Service" account
  • Improved code performance for Visual Assets when importing an AppX / MSIX
  • Updated input validations for AppX / MSIX Declaration views
  • Notification on component change
  • New flag for AddFile and UpdateFile command line: /SignFile
  • Support updates setup HTTP URL relative to updates config file URL
  • Register Floating License Server command line support
  • Redistribute "signtool.exe" with Advanced Installer
Bug fixes
  • Incorrect behavior when referencing already referenced assets
  • QuickSelectionTree default checkbox not scaled correctly
  • Sequences of standard actions are not saved in AIP after being automatically moved when making room for user CAs
  • External UI should be activated when pasting a control which requires it
  • A duplicate file balloon tooltip persists even when changing the view
  • Start Page Icons are being cut when using custom DPI
  • The context menu is not properly displayed when called using the Keyboard Context key
  • .rpknoise cannot be shared between different projects
  • 64-bit OSes can be removed from LC if Package type is 64-bit
  • Build error when adding the same merge module manually and from a repository
  • Build does not fail in case of build events failures when building elevated
  • Error opening file when cancel using specific path per build
  • Script from disk option for PoweShellScriptFile CA does not work when the script is added as a temp file
  • Build error for duplicated build
  • Ampersand(&) in Script Installation Path Causes 'Launch File' RunAsAdmin Custom Action Failure
  • Shortcuts not created if "ShortcutsDlg" dialog is removed
  • New GUIDs are not generated for the instances when the /SetVersion command line is used
  • Mouse wheel scrolling does not work in the Custom Actions edit window
  • Private path variable references don't work in pre-build events
  • /SetVersion -increment command line switch misbehaves
  • Cannot generate PDF reports
  • Build fails after a "Web Deploy Package" was added
  • Copying/Pasting a registry key in the root of any hive does not work, even though the progress bar is showing that the operation is taking place
  • Digital Signature view marks the project as modified after building a UWP using a certificate with a password
  • Detect Windows Store App at import
  • Check TCP port custom action flags as free port a node.js app listening port
  • Custom actions from InstallUISequence are executed on silent install for EXE builds
  • MsiDigitalCertificate is populated with a certificate selected in "Digital Signatures" page instead of the one added onto CAB file signature at build time
  • Windows Store App project type crashes when launching after Modification package
  • Translations view - user interface group remains enable
  • Windows Firewall view is not updated when importing a RPK file from it
  • Updater reference search displays inconclusive results
  • Unexpected behavior from Custom Action view
  • Hide the SQL Scripts content in the MSI log
  • A secondary instance cannot be repaired/upgraded when multiple instances are installed
  • Action Text disappearing when the custom action content is modified
  • Advanced Installer keeps handled on folder after the wizard is closed
  • Cannot delete a property used by a deleted Build Event
  • Incorrect comparison of file names
  • Incorrect modified date when smartCab is enabled
  • Build fails when having "Refresh the current dialog" and "UpdateFeaturesInstallStates" on the same dialog
  • Crash when adding UWP build in quick-edit MSI
  • Event query subscription" field issues
  • Customize MSI Summary does not work
  • AppX build error from command line interface
  • Powershell script custom actions errors are not properly displayed in the verbose log
  • Two "Open URL" custom actions open the same URL when executed consecutively
  • Reinstall a missing prerequisite upon main package repair
  • "Silent Install" option should not be available for an "Open Site" prerequisite