Advanced Installer 16.9 Release Notes

On March 17th, 2020 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 16.9 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

We plan a full year of MSIX concepts ready for you to master. Explore our latest feature, Windows Services for MSIX - install, control, and customize the newly added service with only a few clicks. For a quick demo, check the video below.

New features, bug fixes, and general improvements are included in the current release. See the full list below.

New features
  • Windows Services support for MSIX
  • Add FileSystemWrite Virtualization, RegistryWrite Virtualization, PackageIntegrity, SupportedUsers and AllowExecution flags for MSIX packages
  • New view for MSIX comparison
  • Update "StartUp Task" synchronization for MSIX packages
  • Update "Configuration File" to display a custom message through the Updater
  • Improve start page filter not to be persona contextual
  • Update executables paths when the applications are moved
  • Automatically generate all visual assets in certain conditions
  • Move AppInstaller to a new tab
Bug fixes
  • The "Arm64 package" option does not appear in the "Package Type" field, in the “Project Summary” page
  • The source path is not updated in the "Project Summary" page when the file has a different source path per build
  • Updater does not display correctly update size greater than or equal to 2048 MB
  • View group is sometimes empty for Windows Store App
  • Advanced Installer crashes when importing an invalid InstallShield (ISL) project
  • Messages are marked as read if the user is logged in when opening a project
  • The "SelfReg" table cannot be added when editing an MSI
  • "Trace App" does not respect the default application from the project
  • Main class are not correctly detected for the customer-specific jar
  • Preserve registry value does not work for "REG_MULTI_SZ" registry type and multiple values
  • AppInstaller options are not copied by Copy/Paste
  • "DeleteFromListbox" custom action does not work when there are more than 10 items in a ListBox
  • The extended search result does not appear in the "Project Summary", under the "Searches" group
  • The external user interface makes the Text controls from a Group Box disappear when the TAB button is pressed
  • "Log in with your account" right text alignment issue on the Start page
  • Crash when selecting a certificate from the store on the MSIX/APPX Project Wizard
  • Fixed overlapping controls on dialogs in the new versions
  • The "Registry" group does not appear in the "Project Summary" tree after executing certain steps
  • Validation fails for images that have an uppercase extension
  • "AI_PackageChainer" fails to detect a post-install prerequisite failure
  • The translated string is not fully displayed