Advanced Installer 17.6 Release Notes

On October 22nd, 2020 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 17.6 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

We’ve included a lot of new features in Advanced Installer this year. You now have a complete set of solutions for MSIX packaging, native integrations for Azure digital signing, repackager templates, and many more.

In this release we’ve decided to focus on enhancing some of these features, increasing their stability, and putting together the feedback we’ve received from you along the way.

Advanced Installer is the complete packaging solution for Windows developers and IT Pros. The packages it builds can be deployed on any Windows machine.

Here is a quick demo of how to publish your MSIX package to the Microsoft Store.

New features, bug fixes, and general improvements are included in the current release. See the full list below.

  • Improve Repackager build progress
  • PowerShell automation support for searching project information
  • Custom fix-ups support for complex configuration scheme
  • Move synchronized files and folders components when changing a synchronized folder feature
  • Improve "ProductVersion" validation user experience on MSI Editor mode
  • Suggest the current project location when using the "Save As" option
  • Log "Pending system changes that require a reboot" reason in the MSI Log
  • "AdminExecuteSequence" table option to modify the administrative installation sequence
  • Command-line support to always install an MSI feature
  • Update notification message when applying a template on a repackager project
  • Better localize folder reference when trying to delete the folder
  • MSIX services synchronization improvement
  • Command-line support for file and folder permissions
  • Improvement to synchronize only files that are valid for an MSIX package
  • Add "Element has index in parent" option in XML Edit operation
  • Synchronize the MSIX Publisher ID with Azure Key Vault Certificate automatically
  • Update Spanish translation
Bug fixes
  • "FeatureComponents" table gets corrupted when removing a feature
  • The condition for "UserExit" action is skipped when EUI is enabled
  • The dialog displayed by a web installer during the package download is not localized in all the languages
  • When appending the name of AppInstaller and MSIX package to the URL, spaces are replaced with "%20"
  • "OptionalFeatsDlg" does not correctly display the feature state
  • The "Publisher ID" field does not accept double quotes character
  • When importing an RPK file from the command-line, the Asset Generator tries to generate all the visual assets
  • Cab scanning is failing when getting the last file in the CAB
  • HyperV windows feature wrongly declares BitLocker as a dependency on Windows 10
  • Hyphen character in KeyVault secret throws error
  • StackTrace error when trying to move a registry key between hives
  • SKU is not working for Create a New VM since the Windows upgrade to 1803 on specific ISOs
  • Scheduled tasks triggers are set incorrectly at runtime
  • Incorrect LaunchResult behavior when "Running in VM" a package which requires a restart
  • Command-line "no_elevation" parameter does not work for an Updater project
  • Word Web Add-in solution build configurations not detected during Office Add-in wizard
  • "Enable installing of patches.. " option from Digital Signature view remaining disable
  • Prerequisite's related feature is not displayed in the "ConfigureDlg" dialog if no 32-bit OS is selected
  • "Run as Administrator" option makes launched EXE appear in the background
  • Crash when switching themes on projects that contain "InstallTypeDlg"
  • Advinst.msi edited in quick-edit mode creates broken MST file