Advanced Installer 18.7 Release Notes

On September 21st, 2021 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 18.7 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

In a technology-driven world, the adoption of your software is influenced by many factors. And one of them is the level of trust your users have when installing your product.

Use the latest version of Advanced Installer to offer an additional layer of security for your application with our built-in support for Extended Validation Code Signing Certificates (eToken).

The EV certificate helps you increase your software adoptions' rate, enhance your reputation, boost the number of installations, and assure users your software is safe.

The following video guides you on how to use a USB eToken with an Extended Validation Certificate in Advanced Installer.

New features, bug fixes, and general improvements are included in the current release. See the full list below.

New features
  • Support for running and testing an installation in a Docker container
  • MSIX flat bundles
  • Windows Features bundle support for Windows Server 2022
  • Predefined launch condition for Windows Server 2022
  • Automatic completion of eToken cryptographic provider and key container for digital signature
  • PowerShell automation: updated the list of "Predefined Folders" to include the "User Profile" folder
  • PowerShell automation support to add "Launch file from property CA"
  • Automatically set MSIX Publisher Id when using Device Guard signing
  • New "Clean" option in the "Build" menu to delete output files of the previous build operation
  • Option to configure the setup package to remove the SSL certificate on product uninstall
  • Updated Windows Features for Windows 11
  • Updated MSIX bundle manifest
  • Redistributable binaries from Windows 10 SDK update to version 10.0.20348.0
Bug fixes
  • MSIX package import generates an invalid MSIX for the Microsoft Store
  • Crash when adding two identical "Extract Archive" operations
  • Failure when trying to launch the Repackager
  • StackTrace error when trying to copy the APPDIR PathEdit control on Surface theme
  • Crash when trying to change the theme if the user selected the Progress control previously from the ProgressDlg dialog
  • Error "LaunchResult:53" when using "Run in VM" and output build is hosted on the network drive
  • Build operation fails when enabling Analytics and changing the package type
  • CAB extraction fails when MSMs order is changed in the project
  • The certificate is not displayed in the build log when signing a merge module without files
  • Stack Trace when building a patch or updates empty project in trial
  • Unexpected closing when trying to rename a static text from billboard host
  • Personal certificates list is not populated at first try when enabling digital signature in Repackager
  • Merge module projects that contain firewall rules fail during the build operation
  • Hidden "ImageButtons" in "SQLServerConnectionDlg" dialog on theme Surface
  • Wrong details are displayed when the most suited certificated is not detected
  • The persistent property flag is not updated automatically in the user interface
  • The "Issues" link from the "See Issues pane for more actions." is disabled
  • "Enhanced User Interface" is not enabled when adding "PrerequisitesDlg"
  • The .NET 3.5 feature can not be enabled through the "Windows Features Bundle"
  • FTAs declarations are duplicated when adding a new application
  • "Add File" and "New JSON file" options are enabled in the "Target Computer"
  • The prompt for synchronization is displayed every time when leaving the "Digital Signature" view and using a certificate with a password
  • The help page path is broken for "Path Variables"
  • The package is not signed with the certificate displayed in the project
  • Stack Trace error after using "Test Installation UI"
  • Merge module's parameters are not kept if the main project is saved when the MSM file is not available