Advanced Installer 19.0 Release Notes

On December 17th, 2021 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 19.0 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

There are often situations when you would like to install an application depending on the existing users and groups on the target machine (installing a scheduled task under a specific user or certain resources in certain folders).

The User and Groups Browsing functionality from Advanced Installer makes this process easy for you, helping save time and avoid any installation errors. It enables you to list the existing users and groups from a target machine, at install time, in a ComboBox, CheckBox, ListBox, or a property.

If you want to see how the Advanced Installer’s predefined support for Users and Groups Browsing, take a look at the following demo:

New features, bug fixes, and general improvements are included in the current release. See the full list below.

New features
  • Users & Groups Browse
  • MSIX support for unsigned development packages
  • Predefined launch conditions for Windows 10 version 21H2 (November 2021 Update)
  • PowerShell automation support for folder's properties
  • Java path detection from the "JAVA_HOME" environment variable
  • Repository mirror link for the "File Download" operation
  • MSIX Declarations improvement: Group MSIX AppExtension declarations in tree
  • Support for more protocol types for "Windows Firewall Exceptions"
  • Improved "Uninstall MSIX/APPX Package" custom action to allow formatted references in all possible fields
  • Digital Signature View improvement: new column is shown in Files View
  • New Schedule task options for "Stop the task if it runs longer than <time period>" and "Wake the computer to run this task" settings
  • Predefined prerequisite for "Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime"
  • Predefined prerequisites for "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015-2022" update to latest version 14.30
  • Predefined prerequisite for "Oracle Java SE Development Kit 17.0.1"
  • Predefined prerequisite for "OpenJDK Java Development Kit 17.0.1"
Bug fixes
  • The property-based folder looks empty if its child folder does not contain files
  • Browse Databases should return an error message for wrong credentials
  • MSIX build operation trigger SignTool Error: This file format cannot be signed because it is not recognized.
  • Registry key preserve operation replaces linefeed character with a NULL character
  • Invalid network share address is set when the connection to shared folders fails
  • Components' GUIDs are not changed automatically when a side by side package is built from the command line
  • Database Server Connection Test Ribbon Button doesn't work
  • Stack Trace error when changing theme
  • Windows Firewall configuration fails when "Enable Remote Desktop" is set
  • "LanguageDlg" is displayed when the option is not checked
  • Visual Studio extension error when selecting the Spring theme
  • 64bit setup: APPDIR not correctly redirected when using the InstallTypeDlg dialog
  • Repackager fails to launch on Hyper-V virtual machines with Internal switch network
  • The components get duplicated when trying to share a sub-feature with another feature
  • Crash when adding "SQLServerConnectionDlg" if an SQL Server Browse already exists
  • The checkbox in the "Translations" view stays enabled after disabling the parent radio button
  • "Do not overwrite" folder being added as a subfolder of original on upgrade
  • Scheduled Task fails to manually start under the configured user account
  • "LanguageDlg" is not displayed correctly when using the Air theme
  • EXE Bootstrapper locks closed installation
  • Prerequisite failure when setup is archived using LZMA