Advanced Installer 6.4.1 Release Notes

On July 18th, 2008 Caphyon Ltd. announced the release of Advanced Installer 6.4.1 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

Advanced Installer 6.4.1 is a maintenance release for Advanced Installer 6.4 delivering the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Smart Cabbing performance improvement
  • Add project output files when importing a Visual Studio setup project
Bug fixes
  • Crash attempting to save PathVariables file in inexistent target folder
  • Updater cannot find updates configuration file when using "file://" URLs
  • Synchronized COM information extracted from native libraries not removed after build
  • Importing Visual Studio setup projects created extra reference count for icons
  • When importing a Visual Studio setup project with a registry search, the registry key path separator was "\\" instead of "\"
  • Custom actions imported into project may have incorrect sequence order
  • Version not set for files imported from merge modules
  • Exception importing MSIs into existing projects while viewing the "Upgrades" page
  • "MSI Database Relative to Package" and "MSI Database Relative with Product Code" custom actions were not imported from MSIs
  • Advanced Installer built-in custom actions no longer ignored when importing merge modules into new projects
  • AI_DATA_SETTER custom action type no longer ignored when importing a package
  • Should throw an exception when the CustomAction of an InstallExecuteSequence is missing
  • Pseudo-formatted names could not be used in the "Files and Folders" page
  • ICE60 validation error when a file has version specified, but no language set
  • Set working directory for MSIs launched from Advanced Installer to the folder containing the MSI
  • Exception for file drag-and-drop with the right mouse button
  • .REG files not imported correctly when containing registry keys with no registry values
  • "Open Site" option not working for Unicode bootstrapper
  • EXE repair mechanism did not support Unicode
  • Can't edit "Action Data" field through "..." button for .NET Installer Class Actions
  • Deleting all files from a synchronized folder generates an error on build
  • Bug with published control events ordering
  • A backup is not created when the project is saved as a template
  • When adding a merge module that uses the neutral language, the entire project switched to this language
  • Exception importing a Visual Studio setup project
  • COM registration synchronization may brake the MSM merging
  • Exception unchecking the "Auto Register" option for a file that has a shortcut
  • Crash when using the "Edit .NET Custom Action" Dialog
  • XML elements not removed on uninstall
  • Bug related to escaping XML entities in element text
  • Smart cabbing crashed Advanced Installer if the project contained a large number of files