XMLSearch and Update XML Files

Use the Advanced Installer support to create, update or remove elements, attributes and comments inside XML files or to perform custom searches in the XML files already present on the target system. The XML Editor and XML Search features allow you to:

  • update one or more configuration or regular XML files without deleting their previous versions
  • deploy an application which requires collecting user specific information, like username or password
  • perform various install operations based on the content of an installed XML file

Learn!Creating an XML Search
Follow the introductory tutorial to create a working sample

XML Editor

It helps you modify the contents of an XML file from the installation package. With the XML Editor you can create a new file or import an existing one from your development machine, organize or localize elements, attributes and even comments.

Create or Update XML Files

Create an XML file from scratch or update an existing XML file on the target machine.

File operation

Opt for safety measures like aborting the installation or restoring the file's original state in case of an error. Backups are a plus.

File error policy

Configure XML Elements, Attributes and Comments

Create, update or remove XML entries at install, uninstall or both.

Attribute options arrow

Windows Installer formatted references (properties, files, folders) for element text and attribute values simplify work even more.


XML Compare

Import and compare different versions of XML files using the Compare functionality and easily inspect the new and changed elements.

XML Search

Use multiple locators in a single XML Search to have your installer perform complex parsing. Retrieve information with criteria ranging from:

  • Attribute name
  • Attribute value
  • Element text
  • Element has index in parent

XML Test

All XML related operations can be tested from the Advanced Installer GUI, prior to building the installation package.

This feature is available starting with the Enterprise Suite. See more features.