Alexandra Stoienescu

Alexandra Stoienescu

Alexandra has been part of the marketing team for over two years now and uses all this time to learn about the packaging industry and how Advanced Installer contributes to the industry. Slowly she developed into a prolific product marketer, being involved in multiple types of product promotion initiatives. We are happy to have her sharing her findings on the Advanced Installer Blog. You can also find her communicating monthly Advanced Installer releases and ensuring that our users get the most out of Advanced Installer.


Written articles

Packaging Multi-Technology Applications as MSIX | Advanced Installer vs. Visual Studio

It can be challenging to create a software package that works seamlessly across different technologies and platforms.

What kind of Graphics Adapter or GPU do your users have and how much memory do the adapters have?

We are excited to announce the Graphics Adapter functionality - our latest addition to Installer Analytics.

The WinUI migration has started for Advanced Installer - Welcome the brand new look of the Start Page

It's the beginning of a new year, and we at Advanced Installer are releasing our first product update of the year - Advanced Installer 20.3.

Advancing MSIX Support: Automatic Conversion and Compatibility Analysis Framework

We are pleased to announce the Automatic MSIX Conversion and Compatibility Analysis Framework, moving us one step forward in our mission to provide software engineers with the most robust MSIX technology support in the industry.

Create and Edit the Windows 11 Context Menu for your Application

We are aware of how challenging it is to add or edit menu items for unpackaged desktop applications to the new Windows 11 context menu.

How Installer Analytics' New Feature Helps You Drive Business Value by Tracking ANY Desktop Installation Property

Product analytics is a core part of a business’s success.

Important Security Updates for the Advanced Installer Auto Updater

Continuously managing security improvements and updates, as we do at Advanced Installer, should be your top priority.

Ready for MSIX Sparse Packages - Keeping non-UWP desktop apps relevant to new Windows APIs & features

Many popular Windows features like Notifications, File Explorer Context Menu or Shares cannot be used by non-(MSIX)-packaged Win32 applications.

Webinar Invite | The Installer Testing Guide

In March 2022, we launched “The Installer Testing Guide” ebook (if you don’t have it already, grab your free copy now).

Welcome Advanced Installer Built-in Functionality for Adding Context Menu Items

As a developer or ISV, you spend most of your time developing and improving applications to meet your users’ needs.

Product Demo for IT Professionals

Advanced Installer is a complete application packaging tool designed for software developers and IT Professionals to package and deploy applications easily and securely on Windows format.

It's Time to Test Your Installer [New Free eBook for ISVs and Developers]

In this ever-changing tech world, we are constantly adapting to keep up with the changes and remain relevant in the software sector we work in.

We're in countdown mode for AppManagEvent 2021

We are pleased to announce that we will be attending this year's AppManagEvent conference, which will take place in the Netherlands on November 12th.

Advanced Installer 18.8 Story - Modernization of the Installer UI

A few days ago, we released a new version of Advanced Installer 18.8.