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Automatic msix conversion and compatibility analysis framework

Advancing MSIX Support: Automatic Conversion and Compatibility Analysis Framework

Free msi packaging training and certification

Introducing MSI Packaging Training and Certification: Free Online Packaging Course

Download and install prerequisites in parallel during installation

How to Download and Install Prerequisites In Parallel During the Installation Process

Support windows 11 on arm

Advanced Installer Support for Windows 11 on ARM

Adding items to windows 11 context menu

Introducing: Windows 11 Context Menu In Advanced Installer

Smart app control windows 11 compatibility

Your app installation is 100% SAC compatible with Advanced Installer

Installer analytics custom properties

How Installer Analytics' New Feature Helps You Drive Business Value by Tracking ANY Desktop Installation Property

Security updates auto updater

Important Security Updates for the Advanced Installer Auto Updater

Introducing msix sparse packaging

Ready for MSIX Sparse Packages - Keeping non-UWP desktop apps relevant to new Windows APIs & features

Webinar installer testing guide

Webinar Invite | The Installer Testing Guide

Context menus built in functionality

Welcome Advanced Installer Built-in Functionality for Adding Context Menu Items

Product demo webinar on demand

Product Demo for Developers and ISVs | On-demand Webinar

Installer testing guide banner

It's Time to Test Your Installer [New Free eBook for ISVs and Developers]

Webinar automate msi github actions

Webinar: Automate MSI builds using GitHub Actions | New Feature Presentation

Webinar msi ebook

Webinar: Live Q&A with the author - MSI Packaging ebook

Appmanagevent 2021 banner

We're in countdown mode for AppManagEvent 2021

Banner msi packaging

MSI Packaging Training Book - Practical guide for all packaging professionals

Installer ui modernization

Advanced Installer 18.8 Story - Modernization of the Installer UI

False-positive Malware Detection Announcement

Windows 11 application packaging updates

Windows 11 Software Packaging Updates