Installer Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration Include the installer in a shared mainline and make deployment part of the automatic build. Through its comprehensive command line interface, Advanced Installer offers full support for Continuous Integration of the installer build process.

Azure DevOps Integration

Leverage our native extensions for Azure DevOps Services to complete your CI/CD pipelines.

Jenkins Plugin

Dedicated support to add Jenkins jobs on your build server.

TeamCity Plugin

Build runner for your TeamCity agents.

Bamboo Plugin

Task for Bamboo builds.

Powershell Automation

Automate your build process in an efficient way with PowerShell commmands.

Continuous Integration with any dedicated software tool

Build and edit projects from the command line.

Learn!Creating a Professional project from CLI
Read the introductory tutorial to see how easy it really is

This allows you to automate continuous integration with any dedicated software tool directly or by executing a file of commands.

This feature is available starting with the Professional Suite. See more features.