Advanced Installer Plugin for TeamCity


The official Advanced Installer plugin for TeamCity has been released. Setting up the last step of your build (i.e. creating the setup package for your application) is now just a few clicks away with our plugin, making it even easier to configure your TeamCity-based build machines.

In April we published our Jenkins plugin and now we are keeping up with your requests and adding a new integration on our list.

Advanced Installer - TeamCity Build Runner

This plugin, as promised, is just another step we took to assist our users in setting up systems for continuous integration, allowing for full exploitation of the toolset.

Not using TeamCity?

We also have an officially supported plugin for Jenkins.

If you're working with another build system, our command line interface enables you to create your own custom build scripts and integrate them with any Windows-based build environment. Please forward us your comments if you'd like to see a plugin/extension for your build environment.

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