Java Application Installer for Windows

Create and deliver a native Windows experience for your Java application with Advanced Installer Professional.Buy Now $499

Native Java Launcher

Advanced Installer provides a native launcher for your Java applications. Using this launcher your users will see and use your Java programs just like regular Windows native executables.
Your own process name, file icon and versionInstant-on splash screenJRE auto detection and version checkJRuns as a GUI/console application or a Win32 service

Mac OS X package

Advanced Installer has the ability to create standalone Java applications for installing on Mac OS X. They respect the industry guidelines, supporting all the platform specific features - from folder layout to document types file associations and more.
Standard, native bundles for Mac OS XAutomatically exclude Windows-only featureFully customizable with its own file layout, icons, descriptions and more.

Speed-up Development

With Advanced Installer, you can easily import your IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse project/module and create a setup package for your Java application that you can later deploy on Windows and Mac OS machines.
Eclipse project importIntelliJ IDEA importJenkins and Ant support

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