For Java

Advanced Installer is the only Windows Installer authoring tool with built-in support for Java applications, integrating them fully into the Windows OS and making them look and feel just like a native application.

Using Advanced Installer you can create MSI packages for your Java applications, and allow your application to use the Windows Installer features.

Learn!Java Installer Tutorial
Read the introductory tutorial to see how easy it really is.

Why Windows Installer?

  • Best Windows integration
  • Zero-overhead installation packages
  • 100% native code

Using Windows Installer gives you the best possible integration of your application in the Windows Platform. Windows Installer is the standard Windows install technology and it is required by Microsoft for any application intending to meet the Windows logo certification.

Because the Windows Installer engine is included in the latest Microsoft operating systems, distributed with the latest products (like Office) and also freely downloadable on the Internet, you don't have to include it in your installation package (unlike a proprietary install engine).

Advanced Installer and the packages it creates contain 100% Windows native code and technologies. This ensures the smallest footprint and the tightest platform integration for your install packages.

What can Windows Installer do for your Java programs

  • Install/uninstall files, registry keys, environment variables
  • Create shortcuts in the Start menu or on the desktop
  • File associations
  • Bundle, or download and install a JRE
  • Unattended installs
  • Operating System version check
  • Digitally signing your install packages

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Native Java launcher

  • Your own process name, file icon and version
  • Instant-on splash screen
  • JRE auto detection and version check
  • Runs as a GUI/console application or a Win32 service

Advanced Installer provides a native launcher for your Java applications. Using this launcher your users will see and use your Java programs just like regular Windows native executables.

The native launcher provides a fast and friendly start up process for your Java applications. It will start by instantly displaying a splash screen, after which it will look for and detect a compatible JRE. Finally, it will load the JRE and launch your application. Any unexpected error will be presented to the user in a friendly, easy to understand manner, together with a remedial suggestion.

Mac OS X package

  • Build standard, native bundles to install your Java programs on Mac OS X

Advanced Installer has the ability to create standalone Java applications for installing on Mac OS X. They respect the industry guidelines, supporting all the platform specific features - from folder layout to document types file associations and more. The packages are strictly native, without the overhead of Java installers.

The cross-platform installation elements are included, while the Windows-specific ones are ignored. The Mac OS X build is fully customizable with its own file layout, icons, descriptions and more.

ImportantIncludes Java 7 applications support for deployment on Mac OS X.

Windows Installer vs. Cross Platform installers

The main advantage of a cross platform installer is its ability to generate a single install package that can run on various platforms. However this ability comes often at the expense of the seamless Operating System integration that a native installer offers.

Cross platform installers come with their own proprietary, non-standard installation engines. This engine must be included in the installation, increasing its size sometimes by as much as 1 Megabyte. Windows Installer is a standard, well documented technology that already comes bundled with the latest versions of Windows and most popular applications.

Most cross platform installers are themselves written in Java. Because of that, they require that a JRE be installed before the installer is run. Otherwise, incomprehensible error messages are displayed. Furthermore, they sport a non-standard look and feel, with a sluggish response time.