Licensing Advanced Installer


TipBefore licensing Advanced Installer, you can evaluate it by downloading a 30-day fully functional trial version. If you decide to purchase the product, you do not need to uninstall the trial version. Just register it using the License Key you will receive with your purchase confirmation email.


There are four editions of Advanced Installer. Visit our feature comparison matrix to check out the differences.

  • Advanced Installer Freeware
  • Advanced Installer Professional
  • Advanced Installer Enterprise
  • Advanced Installer Architect

Compare prices for the available licenses for each edition.

Freeware vs. licensed features

Advanced Installer offers two sets of features: freeware features and licensed features. The feature set is selected by the type of the project you are creating. The "Simple" projects use only freeware features, while the "Professional","Patch" and other projects employ licensed features.

ImportantNo license is necessary when using only freeware features in "Simple" projects. Install packages created using these features can be freely redistributed and used both in commercial and non-commercial purpose (subject to EULA).

The non-freeware features require a valid license.


Non-freeware features offer a 30-day trial period, after which you must buy a perpetual license or a subscription in order to keep using them. Otherwise, after the trial period the Build operation will stop working for non-"Simple" projects.

During the trial period, packages created using licensed features may only be used for testing purposes. You may not redistribute them.

How many licenses?

Advanced Installer is licensed per developer. That means you need one license for each developer using the product. Each developer is allowed to install his license on up to 5 computers at the same time, as long as he is the only developer using the Advanced Installer application on those machines.

Also, if you have an unattended software agent/machine which uses the Advanced Installer application (e.g. the build operation is not triggered manually by a developer), then you will need a per-developer license for each one of your software agent (e.g. build server) or a Team subscription.


A subscription allows you to use Advanced Installer for a limited amount of time. After the expiration of your subscription, you are legally obligated to discontinue your use of Advanced Installer and remove it from your systems.

Team Subscriptions allow you to reduce your licensing costs and easily manage access to Advanced Installer within your team, while staying compliant.

NoteWith a licensed version of Advanced Installer, you can create an unlimited number of install packages and you can distribute them royalty free to an unlimited number of users, to be installed on an unlimited number of computers.

Upgrading your license

If you decide you need certain features found in a different Advanced Installer edition, you can purchase a license upgrade at anytime.

Maintenance Plans

  • A License gives you the right to unlimited use of the Advanced Installer product.
  • A Maintenance Plan gives you access to application updates and technical support.

Each Advanced Installer license purchase includes a free 12-months Maintenance Plan.

Advanced Installer Subscriptions include all the benefits of a perpetual license maintenance plan, plus priority support.