Advanced Installer 10.1 Release Notes

On May 2nd, 2013 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 10.1 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 10.1 release brings the ability to directly edit MSI files without going through a full import/change/build cycle. Do you need to simply and quickly modify an existing MSI before shipping? Look no further.

Each of our predefined Custom Actions gain tailored configuration user interface, making the addition of custom behavior to your installers a breeze.

New features
  • Direct Editor (with GUI) for existing MSIs
  • Ability to query SQL databases (fetch data)
  • Greatly improved configuration UI for all predefined Custom Actions
  • Further reduction of generated MSI size
  • Added persistent properties support for MSMs
  • Added the ability to configure port ranges in Windows firewall rules
  • Server side serial validation was improved
  • Added export table support
  • Displaying the number of additional feature conditions
  • Improved UX in Dialogs page on Simple, Professional and Java projects
  • Bootstrapper Metadata improvements
  • Improved UI for defining scheduled tasks to run on SYSTEM account
  • Improved WiX import on fragments reference resolver
  • Kept language ProductCodes synced after a version change
  • Automatically select which Advanced Installer build to use when building from Visual Studio extension
  • Major speed improvement for SQL script content processing (without MSI formatted refs)
  • Do not restart IIS Server when installing IIS features
  • Published events support for ListBox, ListView, CheckList and ComboBox controls
  • SQL Express Server SP1 (up to SQL Server 2012 Express) prerequisite packages were not added by default as pre-install prerequisites
  • Allowed the updater to automatically start in the tray when called, and go to full screen only if the user clicks on the tray icon
Bug fixes
  • Product Version was not correctly set in App-V 5 package
  • Fixed URL for .NET 4.5 predefined prerequisite
  • Fixed URL for SQL Server 2012 Express predefined prerequisite
  • AI_PrereqsFulfilled property was set incorrectly
  • Fixed conversion for Adobe XI launch condition
  • Install path was incorrectly changed when using InstallTypeDlg dialog
  • The cursor position was wrong in path edit field from InstallDlg
  • Hotkeys didn't work on LicenseAgreementDlg
  • LicenseAgreementDlg dialog didn't display localized string properly
  • ImageCheckbox control did not wrap text if it was longer than one line
  • The installation hangs after ExitDialog when REBOOT property is set to Force
  • "Show only if" option set with a condition that was already used in a subchain of the current dialog didn' start the subchain earlier
  • "Show only if" option completely hid the dialog if previous dialog was missing the CancelDlg spawn event
  • Error occurred when loading Spring dialogs
  • Aero Glass option became disabled when using Surface theme and was always applied
  • VS 2012 extension threw "Build of GetFrameworkPaths failed" exception
  • In VS 2012 the outputs were not automatically imported when adding a AI setup project
  • Did not allow users to change package type to "Per machine if admin, per user otherwise" with mixed package types
  • The New .INI and .XML created files did not have the selection in Files and Folders page
  • The files path could be set to an empty value
  • Advanced Installer crashed when saving changes made in Organization page
  • "Install content into parent folder" option was lost when drag and dropping a folder under another parent folder
  • Checking "Archive installation files using LZMA compression" option for EXE setup with resources next to it was not allowed
  • The embedded MSI was not extracted from EXE when a repair was launched from Control Panel
  • XML/INI file name was not validated correctly
  • Registry entries marked as "64-bit component" were not installed on 32-bit machines
  • Per build property values were not validated against their referrers (FileNames, ShortFileNames, etc)
  • Main installer did not continue installation after reboot if installation was launched from the SYSTEM account
  • Scheduled Task configured for XP was not installed on Vista when other task configured for Vista was defined
  • MSI file size entry for transformed files (Java Products, Auto Updater) when reusing cached archive was 0
  • Import Advertised Shortcuts was not working
  • Incorrect classpath imported references broke the build
  • Project Strings tab was not correctly refreshed
  • Properties that refer external paths were not saved as relative
  • The Help > Contents short key was not added in tooltip
  • In merge module projects, file removal dialog, the OK button didn't work correctly