Advanced Installer 12.7 Release Notes

On February 4th, 2016 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 12.7 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 12.7 release is a major security update containing two very important security features:

  • mitigations for DLL hijacking vulnerability
  • SHA-1/2 smart double-signing support

Your security and your users' security is always our top priority. Upgrade now to build the safest, most secure-by-default packages.

Advanced Installer Analytics can now send you weekly report emails with the evolution of your user base, installs, uninstalls, upgrades as well as any problems and uninstall surveys from your users.

Get an overview of your project from a single place. Speed up development and project migration when you start working on an existing project.

New features
  • Project Content dialog redesign
  • Detect and add ActiveX objects to App-V 5 packages
  • Extend App-V 5 opaque setting configuration when building App-V 5 packages from scratch
  • Automatically detect "signtool.exe" from latest Windows SDK
  • Fail with error if "signtool.exe" is not found at build time
  • Exclude DLL references which are common to .NET Framework from setup project
  • Updated "Adobe Flash Player 18 ESR" prerequisites to latest version
  • Updated "Adobe AIR" prerequisite to new major version 20
Bug fixes
  • Installer Analytics charts displayed data for the current year only
  • Installer Analytics didn't collect data on Surface theme in some cases
  • Installer Analytics didn't collect data during uninstall in some cases
  • Launch Conditions were not added to Installer Analytics exceptions reports when Enhanced UI was enabled
  • Prevented submitting empty forms during Installer Analytics Uninstall Survey
  • License server sporadically started in unexpected way
  • Predefined "Check if user exists" custom action did not work
  • "Close application" custom action corrupted the msiexec process preventing uninstall
  • PowerShell custom action crashed when "AI_MsiGetProperty" was used in the last script line
  • COM registry didn't use formatted references in its path
  • Advanced Installer didn't check 32-bit registry locations for COM objects when mapping COM registry
  • Some ProgIds were missing from App-V 5 COM page
  • COM registry keys were excluded from App-V 5 build when hidden in registry view
  • Sometimes, firewall configuration wasn't skipped when the Windows Firewall service was stopped
  • The firewall custom action prompted for admin rights even when the firewall rules conditions were false
  • Fixed per user only upgrades for packages using the licensing library
  • Fixed "GetPropertyValue" Licensing API in 64-bit Java Products
  • Fixed Web Installer downloading window being launched in the background when using Enhanced UI
  • Web Installer could not be cancelled when using Enhanced UI
  • Task bar progress was not reset after MD5 error
  • Text from Path Edit control was not scrollable on Surface theme
  • Scheduled task were not removed on rollback
  • Server Roles Management Tools were not automatically installed on Windows Server 2012 and newer