Advanced Installer 7.5.2 Release Notes

On March 1st, 2010 Caphyon Ltd. announced the release of Advanced Installer 7.5.2 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

Advanced Installer 7.5.2 is a maintenance release for Advanced Installer 7.5 delivering the following bug fixes and improvements:

Bug fixes
  • Registry files were not imported correctly
  • Properties were not imported from WiX and Visual Studio Setup projects
  • Mac OS X build incorrectly referenced banner and dialog images
  • IIS Virtual Directories were not installed under the proper parents in certain nested configurations
  • Windows Installer and Advanced Installer reserved property names were not handled correctly in some cases
  • Adjusted dialog preview scroll size after theme changes
  • OK button was not disabled when editing advanced permissions
  • Invalid Game Explorer task ID was generated for localized projects