Advanced Installer 7.5 Release Notes

On January 27th, 2010 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 7.5 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 7.5 release brings three new gorgeous, modern Installer Themes built on top of our Enhanced Native UI. Adding to the over 40 existing Classic themes, they take advantage of Windows 7/Vista controls while implementing a smoother, simpler install experience.

Also new, the Direct Table Editor extends our Custom Tables support, allowing you to visually edit your MSIs at database table and row level, customizing your installers to the tiniest detail.

Easily create or add to existing Libraries like “Documents”, “Pictures” or “Music” on Windows 7.

New features
  • Enhanced Themes for Installer User Interface
  • Direct table editor
  • Windows 7 Libraries
  • Maintenance Plan period for Advanced Licensing module
  • Installation UI testing without building the full installer
  • Username/password predefined dialog
  • Microsoft Access Runtime predefined prerequisites
  • Customizable, reorganized left pane navigation menu
  • Generate license keys based on a request code for Advanced Licensing module
  • Friendlier permission options
  • Ability to set custom conditions for installing and unistalling an user account or group
  • Formatted type support for IIS website names
  • Improved IIS launch condition by checking if IIS is added as a role
  • "_Validation" MSI table now contains only tables present in the MSI
  • Generates components names with different first 40 characters
  • Unicode bootstrapper elements are enabled by default
  • Option to check for updates and return a code based on the result, without downloading and launching updates
  • MSI import ignores assembly names which are not associated with assemblies
  • Radio button and checkbox text now use text styles in enhanced UI
  • Improved Windows Server predefined launch conditions
  • Improved bootstrapper language detection
  • ResolveKnownFolder predefined custom action now supports a list of properties
  • Chained packages repair process no longer uses full UI when the main installer is in maintenance mode
  • Per-build properties options are now hidden when using a single build
  • Added "file:///" support for prerequisite URL
  • Import scheduled tasks
  • Added support for extracting temporary files before PrepareDlg action
  • License key expiration for Advanced Licensing module
  • A watermark images change for a build can now be applied to all builds
  • "Launch file or open URL" actions now use their targets return values
  • Pseudo-formatted support for the bootstrapper MSI command line
  • Added predefined folder in "Files and Folders" page for "All Users\Documents"
  • Increased amount of heap size supported by Java Launcher
Bug fixes
  • An action text was not displayed when parsing files compressed with Pack200
  • Fixed ICE39 warnings when using merge modules
  • Shortcuts to external files were displayed without an icon in the "Files and Folders" page
  • "Your software is up to date" Updater message was not shown correctly in Russian
  • Radio button value was limited when using the edit dialog
  • Common feature editbox was not enabled automatically when configuring the package structure in the client/server application wizard
  • Custom registry entries for "Add or Remove Programs" applet were not displayed in registry view
  • Not all standard control events of the Selection tree were published when an entire feature state changed
  • SpawnDialog and NewDialog control events were not published according with the Windows Installer guidelines
  • Some predefined properties were not updated when importing a MSI into a new project
  • Project output paths did not support paths with IP addresses
  • Copy/paste worked for prerequisites added from repository resulting in incorrect settings
  • Copy/paste did not work for files with pseudo-formatted names
  • Updater license check did not work when manually added to the updates configuration file
  • Crash when selecting "Date Created" or "Date Modified" column in the "Files and Folders" page of a Windows Mobile project
  • Pack200 compression did not work when only a 64-bit JRE was present on the target machine
  • Exit dialog was not displayed by enhanced UI if the last action from InstallUISequence was not executed
  • Feature-based prerequisites ignored launch conditions for unsupported OS families
  • Force reboot option did not work in enhanced UI
  • Fixed application hang when deleting the last button control on a MSI dialog
  • Prerequisites welcome text scrollbar was not shown by default on Windows XP
  • Crash when loading old projects with user registered languages
  • Fixed copy/paste for billboard host controls
  • "Do not Register product with Windows Installer" didn't work on mixed packages
  • Setup did not extract from LZMA if extraction path is longer than MAX_PATH
  • Setup used API missing on certain Windows versions
  • Setup not restarting after reboot in certain cases
  • Install path and "Browse" button not disabled when using quick selection tree
  • ProductCode and ComponentId Updater detection criteria not evaluated correctly after installing an update
  • File reference lost from ActionData field when using also temp files references
  • Enhanced UI did not support MSIs at online locations
  • Crash during installation if progress control is no longer present
  • 64-bit feature-based prerequisites were not properly detected