Advanced Installer 7.7 Release Notes

On June 17th, 2010 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 7.7 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 7.7 release adds full support for the latest Microsoft development tools: Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0. From prerequisites and launch conditions to project import, using and targeting cutting edge technologies is much easier now.

The included MSI & MSIX Repackager - Application Repackaging Tool has become smarter. It will now detect and preserve high-level constructs like services, drivers, file associations, environment variables and assemblies in scan results.

Also new is the ability to create installer packages for Visual Studio add-ins from the same familiar, easy to use Advanced Installer IDE.

New features
  • Visual Studio add-in installation
  • HTTPS/SSL configuration for IIS websites
  • Support .NET 4.0 for IIS configurations
  • Browse IIS Application Pools on a web server
  • Selective file association registration
  • Detect services, drivers, file associations, environment variables and assemblies in Repackager scan results
  • Global search in project
  • .NET Framework 4.0 predefined launch condition and prerequisite
  • Visual Studio 2010 project import
  • Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable predefined prerequisite
  • Visual Studio 2010 F# Runtime 2.0 predefined prerequisite
  • Windows Management Framework predefined prerequisites
  • SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 predefined launch condition and prerequisite
  • SQL Server 2008 Express SP1 predefined launch condition and prerequisite
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 predefined launch condition and prerequisite
  • Direct table editor for merge module projects
  • Detect and allow inclusion of Visual Studio merge modules
  • Added option for ignoring original installation path when upgrading
  • Current directory support for "Launch file or open URL" custom action
  • Support for Any CPU and x64 target platforms for .NET custom actions
  • Support for retrieving license information when using Advanced Licensing
  • Added "Release date" option for Advanced Licensing maintenance plan
  • Added licensing library option for deciding if application will close after trial period ends
  • Ability to browse IIS websites and virtual directories separately
  • Ability to overwrite an existing Website, Virtual Directory or Application Pool
  • Ability to set a specific IIS website ID
  • Support for multiple IIS website bindings
  • Support for feature action, component state and component action in control event conditions
  • Improved selection of Bitmap controls in Dialog Editor
  • Added MsiShortcutProperty and MsiLockPermissionsEx predefined tables to Table Editor
  • Registering for COM interoperability now uses a .NET version required by the assembly
  • Shortcuts to uninstall and to external files are no longer placed in conditioned components
  • Tomcat "server.xml" elements are updated by default when added through the template project
  • Options for adding a predefined number of serials
Bug fixes
  • Fixed handling of command line options which start with a backslash
  • Fixed condition for serial number validation action
  • External key columns data type was not determined correctly by the table editor
  • Nullable flag was not correctly set when importing a custom table from an IDT file
  • "Ensure that all files in this folder overwrite any installed target files" option was not applied to predefined subfolders
  • Update properties were not saved when using a custom update name
  • Minimize button did not work when using enhanced UI
  • "/exelang" bootstrapper command line option did not work
  • Installation started again after a reboot when canceling install files extraction
  • Custom action source path was not added for pasted actions
  • Custom action condition was not added for pasted actions in merge module projects
  • Media tab from patch project was not displayed correctly
  • Crash when dragging files into an empty folder which has other resources in its component
  • "Go to resource" option for registry value removal did not work
  • Crash when using "Extract ListBox Data" or "Extract ComboBox Data" custom action
  • Relative paths were not correctly imported from a Visual Studio Setup Project
  • Multilingual merge module build failed
  • Registry removal and qualified components were checked by default when opening projects modified with Advanced Installer 6.2 or older
  • Graphite theme did not support FolderDlg and SetupTypeDialog dialogs at the same time
  • XNA Game launch conditions were not saved when clicking Finish in the wizard
  • Visual C++ 2005 SP1 ATL Security Update was not recognized by the Visual C++ prerequisite
  • Port related custom actions were disabled in InstallUISequence
  • "Perform the reboot if required without showing any prompts" options was not handled correctly
  • OK button was not set as default in "Checking for updates" dialog