Advanced Installer 8.9 Release Notes

On January 26th, 2012 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 8.9 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 8.9 release further refines our Prerequisites support. Beyond scheduling extra packages install before, during or after the main installation, you can now have repair or uninstall operations for your feature-based prerequisites as well.

Additional single-click, ready-to-use Predefined Prerequisites were added, together with many other time-saving enhancements and fast fixes.

New features
  • Maintenance operations for feature-based prerequisites
  • Support for always-installing prerequisites
  • Microsoft Silverlight 5 predefined prerequisite
  • Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE predefined prerequisite
  • NVIDIA PhysX predefined prerequisite
  • Visual Studio Tools for Office 3.0 SP1 predefined prerequisite
  • Action Data for UI event Custom Actions
  • Install, uninstall and maintenance custom action predefined conditions
  • Automatically detect and add JAR file dependencies to project
  • Prerequisites registered with Advanced Installer are now displayed in a separate group
  • DoAction control event support for “Call a function from a standard DLL” custom action
  • Conditional serial number validation
  • Improved package execution level options
  • Insert feature-based prerequisite files in MSI when EXE bootstrapper is disabled
  • Extended folder redirection support when using InstallTypeDlg dialog
  • Improved version number support for Java prerequisites
  • Improved feature detection for file dependencies
  • Option for ignoring service name parameter for Java Products
  • Automatically update assembly version based on file on disk
Bug fixes
  • Crash when running Advanced Installer in a virtual machine with no Internet connection
  • Exception when importing a Visual Studio setup project
  • Bootstrapper used an invalid MSI command line after prerequisite reboot
  • Enhanced UI failed to apply transforms on 32-bit machines for mixed 32/64-bit and multilingual packages
  • Error when opening an old merge module project which contained custom actions in InstallUISequence
  • Fixed internal digital signature tool
  • Crash when changing themes in projects with repository dialogs
  • Repository dialogs could not be removed from a project
  • Text file update operations did not save Error Policy values
  • Override Windows Installer Programs entry component used the same component GUID for multiple instances
  • Custom templates list contained duplicates when overwriting an existing template file
  • A project could not be saved as template after being opened directly
  • Prerequisite searches list was empty when selecting an invalid MSI
  • Icons were not saved correctly for MSM file associations
  • Advanced Installer did not start correctly when opening an invalid AIP file from recent projects list
  • Shortcuts dialog was not shown correctly when using Visual Studio import feature
  • Fixed registration for files which have MPR.DLL as a dependency
  • License server was not restarted after upgrading Advanced Installer
  • Advanced Installer upgrade failed when using license server
  • Fixed sequenced dialogs used in both First Time Install and Maintenance
  • EXE package dialogs were shown in background when run from an output folder opened in Windows Explorer
  • Cancel button from digital certificate file selection dialog did not work
  • Software Identification folder supported rename operation
  • Software Identification help link did not work correctly