Advanced Installer at AppManagEvent 2023: Deep Dive into App-V to MSIX - Conversion Limitations


AppManagEvent is around the corner, and Advanced Installer is back in the game as a Gold Partner. We’re gearing up for October 6th in Utrecht, The Netherlands. We’re ready to tackle some of the tech industry’s pressing issues head-on at the 2023 edition.

Join Advanced Installer at AppManagEvent 2023

Session Alert: "App-V to MSIX - Conversion Limitations"

For tech professionals navigating the transition from App-V to MSIX, the conversion process isn’t always smooth. In our dedicated session, we'll provide a technical rundown of challenges and, more importantly, showcase how the Advanced Installer team has devised solutions to mitigate them.

If you’re looking for practical insights and actionable strategies, this session is tailored for you.

Engage with Advanced Installer's Team

Our core team of developers and product experts will be on the ground. If you have queries about Advanced Installer’s latest features or upcoming projects, or if you're looking to deep-dive into technical aspects, catch up with us. We'll also be conducting live demonstrations, highlighting how our tools can optimize your IT operations.

For those who've interacted with us at previous events, do drop by our booth. Let’s get straight to tech talk!

Recap of 2022

Last year, Bogdan Mitrache, our VP of Product, delivered insights on “DIY folder virtualization with PSF” at AppManagEvent 2022. It was a valuable exchange of knowledge. With 2023, we aim to bring more robust discussions and tech solutions to the fore.

In Conclusion

AppManagEvent remains a pivotal event for IT professionals aiming to stay ahead in the domain of application packaging, deployment, and beyond. We're ready to contribute, share, and learn.

Check out the full conference agenda to plan your day.

Lastly, for attendees: remember to pick up our tech goodies at the event. They're designed to complement your tech toolkit!

See you in Utrecht.

Happy packaging!

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