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Exe vs msi installer

EXE or MSI Installer - What suits your business best? | Differences and Recommendations

Ways of handling user resources in msi

3 Ways of Handling User Resources in MSI: Self-Repair, Active-Setup, CustomAction

Pros and cons of using vbscript in msi packaging

What are the Pros and Cons of using VBScript in MSI packaging?

Per user per machine msi installation

Build an MSI that installs per-user or per-machine

Free msi packaging training and certification

Introducing MSI Packaging Training and Certification: Free Online Packaging Course

Create windows installer package

How to create a Windows installer package - Beginner Guide

End to end packaging process

Application Packaging Process - The End-to-End Tutorial

Repackaging clickonce applications

Best Practices for Repackaging ClickOnce Applications

Create wix keypath attribute

How to create a WiX KeyPath attribute

Wix pass customactiondata to customaction

How to pass CustomActionData to a CustomAction using WiX

Create msi installer with visual studio

How to create MSI installers with Visual Studio

Installdir vs targetdir

What are the differences between INSTALLDIR and TARGETDIR?

How to uninstall msi package

How to Uninstall an MSI package - 7 Methods to Use in the Enterprise Environment

Find exe silent install switches

How to Find Silent Install Switches for EXE

Process monitor beginner guide

Getting started with Procmon: The Beginner’s Guide to Monitoring Windows Systems

Wix toolset create major upgrades for msi

How to create major upgrades for MSI packages using WiX Toolset

How to create non advertised shortcuts using wix

How to create non-advertised shortcuts for all users / per machine with WiX Toolset

What is software packaging

What is software packaging and why is it important?

Msi retrieve productcode

How to find the ProductCode GUID of an installed MSI

What are msp files

What are .MSP files, how to create and extract them?