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How to create non advertised shortcuts using wix

How to create non-advertised shortcuts for all users / per machine with WiX Toolset

What is software packaging

What is software packaging and why is it important?

Msi retrieve productcode

How to find the ProductCode GUID of an installed MSI

What are msp files

What are .MSP files, how to create and extract them?

Silent install builder

Silent Install Builder for IT Pros - How to build a silent installer package

Remove files folders when uninstalling wix

How To Remove Files and Folders when Uninstalling with WiX

Silent install exe msi applications

How to Silently Install EXE and MSI setup applications (Unattended)

Ice validation and how to fix errors

Top 10 most common ICE Validation Errors and How to Fix them

Publish msi exe app microsoft store

How to publish your MSI and EXE setup applications in the Microsoft Store

Code signing with github actions

How to automatically code sign the MSI with GitHub Actions

Banner troubleshooting msix errors

Troubleshooting MSIX Installation Errors with the Free MSIX Troubleshooter tool

Edit msi file with orca and alternative

How to Edit an MSI File using ORCA (plus alternative tool)

Automate msi building using github actions

How to automate the MSI building using GitHub Actions

Msix limitations

MSI vs MSIX: Practical Side-by-Side Comparison and Limitations

Windows installer vs sccm cache folder

Windows Installer vs. SCCM Cache Folder - How to repair or upgrade an MSI installed via SCCM?

Banner msi packaging

MSI Packaging Training Book - Practical guide for all packaging professionals

How to edit msi package

How to Edit an MSI Package With Advanced Installer

Trigger msi installation from msix

How to Use PowerShell to trigger MSI installation from an MSIX package

Retrieve exe version programmatically

How To Programmatically Retrieve The Version of Your Executable At Build Time

Register dll ocx files

Registering DLL and OCX Files in MSI Packages - 3 Recommended Techniques