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Application testing vs installation testing

The gray area between Installation Testing and Application Testing

Publish msi exe app microsoft store

How to publish your MSI and EXE setup applications in the Microsoft Store

Binding ssl certificate during upgrade

How to Bind the SSL Certificate During the Upgrade Process Using Custom Actions

Start service ini files

How to use .INI files parameters to start a service

Retrieve exe version programmatically

How To Programmatically Retrieve The Version of Your Executable At Build Time

Backup and restore files major upgrade

How To Backup and Restore Files during a Major Upgrade using Custom Actions

Msix shared containers

MSIX Shared Containers: How to access resources between different applications

Blog msix azure key vault signing

How To Configure Azure Key Vault to Sign your MSIX Packages: A Step-by-Step Guide

Msix localization

Building Multilingual MSIX Packages

Register dll ocx files

Registering DLL and OCX Files in MSI Packages - 3 Recommended Techniques

Software packaging best practices enterprises

Enterprise Application Packaging Best Practices and Recommendations

Replace file msi

How To: Replace a file in an existing installer

Self healing file extensions

How to Use The File Extensions Entry Point to Trigger Self-healing in an MSI

Msix notepad pugins

How to Add Notepad++ plugins to an MSIX package

Banner add digital signature timestamp

Digital Signing: Why You Should Always Include A Timestamp

Automatic msix downgrades

How to Set Automatic MSIX Downgrades with .appinstaller

Deferred custom actions

How to Use CustomActionData to Access Windows Installer Properties in Deferred CustomActions

Build visual studio from azure

How-To: Build an Advanced Installer Visual Studio Project from Azure DevOps

Automatic msix fixups banner

Smart PSF: Add a Fixup to Your MSIX Application

Msix environment variables types

How to use any type of Environment Variable in MSIX