Ciprian Burca

Ciprian Burca

Ciprian has been a Senior Software Developer for over 15 years. Being a Software Developer and a solutions finder, Ciprian has a great understanding of the developer's day-to-day needs.


Written articles

How to Configure Azure Key Vault Digital Signature in TeamCity Pipeline

This article will teach you how to configure an Azure Key Vault Digital Signature in a TeamCity Pipeline.

How to configure an Advanced Installer build step in a TeamCity pipeline

When developing software, the codebase is always growing, making it difficult to navigate. Software engineers use continuous integration (CI) technologies like TeamCity to address this.

Configure a Digital Certificate in a Jenkins Build Step: Jenkins Credentials and Azure Key Vault

Digitally signing your application is not only mandatory, it is an essential step to making your software secure and trustworthy.

How to configure an Advanced Installer build step into a Jenkins pipeline

Jenkins is one of the most famous Continuous Integration tools, similar to TeamCity, that allows developers to easily integrate changes into their build on a continuous basis.

How-To: Build an Advanced Installer Visual Studio Project from Azure DevOps

In this article, you will learn how to configure and build an Advanced Installer Visual Studio Project(AIPROJ) from an Azure DevOps pipeline.

Automation x2: How to automate Azure DevOps pipelines with Advanced Installer PowerShell automation

Working with Azure DevOps pipelines can be a tedious task, especially if you have to perform updates on complex pipelines or make the necessary configurations to each of them in a short amount of time.

How to: Choose Which Advanced Installer Azure DevOps Task You Need?

Nowadays CI/CD(Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) pipeline became a best practice for developers and DevOps helping them to manage the software process in a much easier and automated way.

How to configure digital signing in Advanced Installer Azure DevOps Task

Digital signing is an important stage of an application packaging cycle and can be achieved by code signing your own software’s certificates. By digitally signing your software, you prove your application’s authenticity and integrity upon installation and guarantee that the software you developed hasn’t been compromised or corrupted.