Editing Projects from the Command Line

The Advanced Installer command line accepts a set of commands that modify the specified project. The modification is performed in three stages, sequenced as follows:

  1. Load
  2. Modify
  3. Save

The editing syntax is:

[<path>\]AdvancedInstaller.com /edit <path_to_project> <command>

Command Line Conventions

When specifying the command line format the following conventions are used:

  • Parameters that are enclosed in brackets "[]" are optional.
  • A group of parameters enclosed in braces "{}" means that they are mutually exclusive.
  • An enumeration of parameters is separated by "|". You can only use a parameter from that group.

ImportantWhen specifying a file or folder path from the project, you should use as root folder one of the existing Windows Installer folders. The specified path is automatically created if it doesn't already exist. If no Windows Installer folder is used as root the path is created as a property based folder.


  • APPDIR\MyFolder - This path points to a sub-folder of the Application Folder.
  • DesktopFolder\MyFolder - This path points to a sub-folder of the Desktop Folder.

In order to find out the Folder Name associated with each Windows Installer folder, select the folder in the Files page tree and from the context menu choose the “Properties” option.

TipThe names of the command line options are case insensitive