Advanced Installer 10.7 Release Notes

On November 11th, 2013 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 10.7 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

This release brings the ability to run PowerShell scrips as Custom Actions. The power of PowerShell, coupled with an easy to use, built-in inline editor bring an unprecedented level of functionality to setup developers.

Advanced Installer 10.7 fully supports the newly released Microsoft Windows 8.1 Operating System and Visual Studio 2013 Integrated Development Environment.

New features
  • Updated Windows Features support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Predefined custom action to run PowerShell scripts with inline (dedicated) editor
  • Visual Studio 2013 Setup Project Extension
  • Predefined prerequisite for Visual Studio C++ Redistributable 2013
  • Predefined prerequisite for Windows PowerShell 3.0
  • Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 supports installation on Windows XP
  • Support SWT Java applications on MacOS X
  • Selectable projects outputs in Visual Studio Extension
  • Specify the project language when creating a new project from Visual Studio Extension
  • Support for importing project references from Visual Studio Extension
  • Changed SHA1 algorithm to SHA256 for digital signature
  • Better default for EXE metadata information
  • Error reporting improvement when merging MSM fails
  • Building App-V 5 packages no longer requires elevation
  • Ability to create SQL Script folders for organizing projects with a large number of scripts
  • Editable hostname field for IIS Binding dialog
  • Customizable EULA Read scroll trigger
  • Formatted data types supported in the URL field of the "Feature-based" and "Post-install" prerequisites
  • Cancel button for Localize Browse Dialog during enhanced UI installation
  • Functionality to import the ModuleComponents, ModuleDependency and ModuleSignature tables during an MSI/MSM import
  • Automatically detect VIX SDK and prompt the user to install it if not present
  • Install VMware tools in guest OS automatically
  • Automatically create VM snapshot before repackaging and revert to it when finished
Bug fixes
  • Server-side validation didn't work
  • Launch Conditions conversion failed when upgrading from 10.3 to 10.6
  • Solved Microsoft Excel 2010 launch condition bug
  • Visual Studio Extension imported wrong project output in certain scenarios
  • Removal of WebSites that have HTTPS bindings crippled other server sites which had common HTTPS bindings with the removed site
  • IIS 7x scan did not import AllowRestriction flag for ISAPI Filters
  • AI_IIsInstall custom action was launched when no Web Sites,Virtual Directories or Web Applications were selected for installation
  • IIS installation failed when trying to set CustomProperties for entities skipped by their condition
  • UseAppPoolCredentials was unnecessarily being set for WebApp Windows Authentication
  • IIS CustomProperties "urlCompression" section name was not named correctly
  • Fixed custom action wizard bug
  • Fixed invalid reference when deleting a "Set Installer Property" custom action
  • Drop Binary table in transform failed to load project (custom action)
  • Existing custom action could not be renamed from the context menu
  • Transparency was not set for "Send install information to your web server" custom action UI
  • Password text was displayed when using Surface theme
  • Updater didn't became visible when user clicked one of its tray notifications
  • [ Close ] button didn't work for "Properties" and "Events" pane
  • [ Default ] button was not rendered correctly
  • Installation Behavior panel from a feature property was not properly loaded
  • "Single MSI(resources inside)" supported "Multiple Volumes" option
  • Advanced Installer exited unexpectedly when two custom actions had the same name
  • "Use 64-bit locations when evaluating on a 64-bit machine" option had no effect
  • Enhanced UI was not used for uninstall when enabling "Fast Installation" option
  • Fixed bug with prerequisites installed from DVD
  • Saving a dialog in Repository under a different name produced duplicate rows in MSI tables
  • New name was set to multiple items after renaming them in Files and Folder page
  • Fixed "System error 258" when installing chained MSI package
  • Fixed Russian MSI dictionary
  • Project encoding was wrong on Russian machines
  • Fixed shortcut files icon path bug for setups repackaged in VMs
  • Notes were not displayed correctly
  • Synchronization of trial libraries was broken
  • Fixed editing read-only SetProperty published events
  • Maintaining any compatible component conditions when you reenter mixed 32/64-bit package wizard