Advanced Installer 11.9 Release Notes

On March 17th, 2015 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 11.9 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 11.9 release brings our new App-V editor. Quickly modify anything in your App-V packages from an user friendly GUI.

The newly added FastCgi support for IIS can greatly improve the performance of your web apps.

IIS FastCgi Applications

New features
  • Import Visual Studio 2015 solutions
  • Support for Java 1.8 in Virtual Machine Settings
  • Added RSAT Windows Feature
  • Error Handling for SQL Scripts
  • IIS Browse improvements
  • Support for Repackager to detect and import Version 2.0 Scheduled Tasks
  • Import special files (INI, LNK, etc.) as regular files when Repackager processing fails to import them in Windows Installer format
  • COM Extractor performance improvements
  • Updated "MySQL Server" prerequisites to latest version 5.5.42
  • Updated "Adobe Flash Player 13 ESR" prerequisites to latest version
  • Updated "Adobe AIR" prerequisite to latest version
  • Updated "Java 7" prerequisites for latest version 7u75
  • Updated "Java 8" prerequisites for latest version 8u31
Bug fixes
  • "bootsect.bak" system file was rarely deleted when certain products were uninstalled under the "LocalSystem" account
  • "Visual Basic 6.0 Application" import output was not detected correctly
  • Visual Studio Extension handled the "&" character incorrectly in strings
  • Windows Server Roles configuration failed on French language machines
  • Incorrect interpretation of paths when repackaging "Firefox 35"
  • Fixed MSI import error related to ControlEvent table
  • Advanced Installer crashed when creating transforms for MSI files with invalid CustomAction or Mime tables
  • Browse for SQL Servers action mixed up the outupt items in its associated combo box when the control had the values predefined
  • Fixed INI file search build error - invalid schema
  • Fixed crash in Organization page when changing properties of a registry key
  • 64-bit component was set as 32-bit component when “Extract registration info from native library” option was checked
  • Fixed COM Extractor "Bad Image" error when extracting registration info from a TLB
  • AI_RecycleBin folder was created but not deleted from mapped network drives
  • Fixed SCCM Wizard crash
  • SCCM Wizard detected the package language incorrectly when deploying an SmsApplication
  • Deployment manifest file was not selected by default for Office 2013 addins
  • IIS Virtual Directory target folder was deleted in Advanced Installer UI when adding a prerequisite
  • The tree from File Associations view got broken
  • Fixed download link for "Apache Tomcat 7.0" prerequisite (old version is not available for download anymore)
  • Fixed download link for "Apache Tomcat 8.0" prerequisite (old version is not available for download anymore)
  • Fixed size and MD5 signature for "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013" prerequisites