Advanced Installer 6.6 Release Notes

On October 3rd, 2008 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 6.6 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 6.6 version offers new ready to use, predefined prerequisites, from .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, SQL Server Express to Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8. A brand-new Repository allows you to store any prerequisite you define yourself and reuse it in other projects.

A new Condition Wizard helps you create Windows Installer conditions with ease while additional predefined Custom Actions allow you to run any file as Administrator or preserve the Install Type of the old version of your software.

Also new is the ability to run the ICE validation suite integrated as a final step in the build process, ensuring that your MSI packages are flawless. Validation messages are appended to the unified Build Log.

New features
  • Prerequisites repository for storing and reusing user-defined prerequisites
  • Option to run the ICE validation suite as part of the build process
  • Configure web application mappings at Virtual Directory level
  • Prompt to use Path Variables when adding files if applicable
  • New Condition wizard
  • Duplicate build configurations
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 predefined prerequisite
  • .NET Framework Client Profile predefined prerequisite
  • SQL Server Express 2008 predefined prerequisite
  • SQL Server Express 2005 SP1 and SP2 predefined prerequisites
  • Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 predefined prerequisites
  • Run file as Administrator predefined custom action
  • Preserve Install Type of the old version predefined custom action
  • Support for Minor Upgrades in EXE bootstrapper
  • Option to hide properties from install log
  • A component can now reserve more than 2GB of space
  • Ability to prevent starting a newly created web site
  • Several improvements in IIS configuration tool
  • Improved parsing of SQL Script files
  • Updated embedded Help and User-Guide style
  • Uninstall order of chained packages is now the reverse install order
  • Chained package files are automatically extracted during a repair
  • Digitally signing a file is retried in case of failure
  • Replace a Path Variable in the paths from the current project after it is renamed
  • Running the "/ResetSync" command for a non-synchronized folder now shows an appropriate error message
  • Changing the network connection should not affect the Advanced Installer license
  • Do not prompt for replace when adding an already existing file in the "Files and Folders" page
  • Browsing for a cache folder uses the project path as the default folder
  • Dialog repository path is changed to "Application Data\Caphyon\AdvancedInstaller\Repository\Dialogs"
  • Added a "Retry" option for "Error opening file" messages during project build
Bug fixes
  • Incorrect message shown when switching from LZMA compression to CAB archives
  • Chained packages were not extracted in the correct folder when using LZMA compression
  • Project rebuild was not triggered when building after some files changed on disk
  • Incorrect paths displayed for dictionaries using Path Variables
  • The path of a repository dialog using Path Variables was reverted after project reload
  • Updater icon not displayed correctly in Alt+Tab window on Vista and XP
  • Crash after adding an user to a custom group
  • AI_DATA_SETTER property was not handled correctly when merging two MSI packages created with Advanced Installer
  • Build error caused by an empty value set for a radio button
  • Canceling a build for a package which has the files outside did not remove the already copied files
  • Changing an icon did not request a project rebuild
  • Changing the path of a chained package did not modify its target MSI
  • Incorrect error shown on build when a chained package was missing an additional file
  • An EXE bootstrapper built incompletely was not deleted automatically if an exception occurred during build
  • If a dialog was opened and closed on a second monitor, removing this monitor did not make Advanced Installer open the dialog on the primary display
  • Crash when importing a setup file with an invalid language ID
  • An Eclipse import did not verify if a Java Product with the same name already existed in the project
  • Merge module build failed if the project contained a temporary file created from a file with a long name
  • Error shown when a Java 6 splash screen was used
  • Resolved possible LocId collision for control texts when creating new dialogs
  • Exception when using the "/SetPackageName" command without specifying the build name
  • The install location default paths were not set according to the package type
  • A Windows9x system could not be rebooted after a prerequisite install
  • Crash when using the search wizard
  • Temporary files were unavailable after the CostInitialize execute sequence
  • Crash when deleting a build that shares the JRE folder with other builds
  • Unpacking progress dialog from bootstrapper does not end if there are no files to unpack
  • Crash when drag and dropping an INI file
  • "[~]" was signaled as error in Formatted fields
  • LZMA compression option not set properly for builds created with Media wizard