Advanced Installer 8.6 Release Notes

On October 19th, 2011 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 8.6 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 8.6 release introduces Quick Filter: the fastest way to navigate Windows Installer's powerful functionality yet. Simply type a few characters and you'll be taken to the feature you need. Never get lost scanning menus and options again.

Advanced Installer's comprehensive distribution options get seriously simpler with single-click distribution type set-up. Easily add web installs, CD/DVD-based, Active Directory, EXE and MSI installers to your build list.

Also new is a fast-install setting which will optimize your installer for the fastest possible experience, whole-installer encryption option using the AES algorithm, splash screens for Java products on Mac OS X and much more.

New features
  • Fast installation support
  • Protect your installers using AES encryption
  • Left menu filter
  • Set-up distribution types (online/DVD, EXE/MSI etc.) with a single mouse click
  • Unicode updater for better OS integration
  • Unicode Java products
  • Java splash screen for MAC OS X
  • License Agreement dialog wizard
  • Display install log when encountering a fatal error
  • Import Internet shortcut files
  • Microsoft VSTO 2010 Runtime x64 predefined prerequisite
  • Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable predefined prerequisite
  • Automatic fix for TypeLib table usage best practice error
  • Automatic fix for best practice rule which checks if actions added in InstallUISequence are also present in InstallExecuteSequence
  • Automatic fix for best practice rule which checks if all dialog controls use public properties
  • Best practice rules warning for private properties in Control table
  • Best practice rules warning for UI properties which don't have a default value
  • Enhanced update detection criteria
  • Support file registration for assemblies detected by .NET Application project wizard
  • Automatically set a default install condition for custom MSI prerequisites
  • Automatically add project information registry entries in new projects
  • Add complete product information in registry when overriding Windows Installer programs list entry
  • Multiple builds support for CD/DVD Autorun
  • Detect TypeLibrary DLLs and register them appropriately
  • Automatically move a dialog in an existing chain instead of displaying an error message
  • Detect and display merge module dependencies
  • Automatically create disk paths for Java product output and error stream
Bug fixes
  • Error when adding a registry value removal
  • Error when renaming a feature in a Client/Server application project
  • Error when building an App-V package with an empty binary
  • Crash when closing Updater dialogs
  • Crash when double-clicking a custom template in start page or new project dialog
  • EXE bootstrapper did not set a correct installation language when silently installing mixed 32/64-bit packages
  • Reboot after prerequisite install option was used even when it was disabled
  • Shortcut working directory modifications were not saved
  • Service name was not updated correctly when changed
  • Finish Actions tab was shown for maintenance dialog chain
  • Duplicate properties were created when manually renaming a property to associate it with an existing dialog control
  • Repackager did not link captured shortcuts to their target files
  • Component combo box was not updated when adding new components
  • Bootstrapper lost its original configuration when launched after a prerequisite reboot
  • Adding a folder from disk overwrote synchronized elements
  • Application Pool identity settings were lost when selecting another tab
  • LZMA compression progress was inaccurate
  • Error when running a patch project with log
  • Project language was not saved correctly when using start page
  • Localized properties were not saved correctly when using enhanced UI
  • Installation path was empty when selecting a custom install in Modern theme
  • A multiple volumes installation prompted for the first disk when using enhanced UI
  • Maintenance dialogs for multiple instances were not handled correctly
  • IIS "AnonymousPasswordSync" flag appeared as set in metabase when upgrading older projects
  • Language selection dialog did not work for mixed 32/64-bit packages
  • EXE bootstrapper could extract to a network path
  • Finish actions were not executed for "Run application" button on Azure and Spring themes