Advanced Installer 9.0 Release Notes

On March 26th, 2012 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 9.0 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 9.0 release brings a much awaited refresh for Advanced Installer's User Interface. Discover and employ installer functionality easier than ever before with the Ribbon Toolbar and a simplified, streamlined command structure.

Probably our most requested Advanced Installer feature ever, converting existing EXE installers to MSI packages is now as easy as running a wizard. Prepare any setup for network deployment through Active Directory with just a few mouse clicks.

A redesigned and much simplified Custom Actions view, the ability to import packed SharePoint solutions, and many other improvements and bugfixes make Advanced Installer 9 our best Windows Installer authoring tool yet!

New features
  • Ribbon Toolbar
  • Ability to convert EXE packages to MSIs
  • Import packed SharePoint solutions
  • Minimal progress dialog for image slideshow
  • Digital Signature command line option
  • New path variable command line option for merge module projects
  • Redesigned Custom Actions view
  • Available users and groups are now displayed in username edit controls
  • Added connection/session timeout configuration for IIS web applications
  • Removed minimum HTTP bindings requirement for web applications
  • Temporary files support for "Call function from standard DLL" custom actions
  • Maintenance command lines are now updated automatically when selecting MSI package prerequisites
  • Multiple selection support for image slideshow
  • "CFBundleShortVersionString" can now be customized for MAC OS X builds
  • Removed mandatory value requirement for App-V server settings
  • Java Launcher now supports services which use "System.exit(0)"
  • Added support for PKCS #12 digital certificate with .p12 extension
Bug fixes
  • Crash when adding a driver
  • Error when navigating through tables in Table Editor
  • Crash when deleting a file referenced by another element
  • Crash when deleting a folder referenced by a chained package
  • Crash when adding a file extension in a Windows Mobile project
  • Error when importing a WiX fragment
  • Error when selecting an MSI for an Attached custom action
  • Error when duplicating a Default Program in File Association view
  • Error when using an installation path ended with multiple backslashes
  • Enhanced UI started the EXE bootstrapper after a prerequisite reboot
  • EXE bootstrapper command line did not escape quotes in the MSI command line options
  • EXE bootstrapper was automatically enabled when adding feature-based prerequisites using the wizard
  • Feature-based prerequisites did not support pseudo-formatted values for their URLs
  • "Automatically use the previous version's language" option enabled the "Check for a newer version before install" functionality
  • "Check for a newer version" bootstrapper option did not use the correct URL
  • "/justcheck" Updater option did not support the "-url" parameter
  • New line tokens were ignored by text file updates
  • Office Add-In configuration registry keys were incomplete
  • Some build options were ignored when using copy/paste
  • Prerequisite settings were not saved before exporting to repository
  • Global search could not find installer properties
  • ICE38 component automatic fix broke the fix for a different component
  • ICE38 validation error was not re-evaluated before an automatic fix
  • Empty custom tables were not inserted in the MSI
  • File registration did not work for DLLs which had MPR.DLL as a dependency
  • Assembly native image was not generated correctly
  • Assembly native image settings were not converted correctly for older projects
  • An incorrect error was shown when a .NET Installer Class Action failed
  • Duplicate installation paths were available when installing some side by side packages
  • Test Installation UI did not work in Themes view
  • .XAP files could not be signed individually
  • Command line interface did not support argument values which started with "-"
  • Image slideshow could not be started through Install button on Spring theme
  • Image slideshow could not be started through Typical button on Air theme
  • Wrong dialog was displayed when adding a property in a project which contained a MAC OS X build
  • Autorun view was not updated correctly when changing the current build
  • Bootstrapper UI options were not updated correctly for a silent install
  • CD/DVD Autorun was not automatically enabled when creating CD/DVD builds
  • Application toolbar was not updated correctly when selecting a dialog chain
  • Control strings were not translated for some predefined dialogs