Advanced Installer 9.2 Release Notes

On May 23rd, 2012 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 9.2 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 9.2 release brings support for single-dialog installers. Simplify your installer's User Interface to the max by removing any unneeded dialogs.

Checking source files before commencing an installer build will save precious time by catching errors before lengthy operations are actually executed.

New features
  • Pre-flight checks for project source files
  • Single-dialog installers
  • Custom check box control in enhanced user interface
  • Predefined properties for localized user accounts and groups
  • Determine free disk space predefined custom action
  • Redesigned Updater view
  • Automatic update selection based on target platform (32/64-bit)
  • Added project navigation menu in ribbon
  • Simplified user interface for selecting digital signing certificates from store
  • Support different targets for prerequisite maintenance and uninstall
  • Unified the extraction and download folders for all prerequisites
  • Added an option for keeping extracted files for feature-based prerequisites
  • Added default command line for the updater
  • Support different application names for updater auto-restart
  • Improved file detection for Visual Basic 6 application import
  • Formatted values support for folder sharing
  • Added support for configuring LZMA compression method
  • Display feature content in project summary
Bug fixes
  • Crash when creating a Mixed 32/64-bit project
  • Crash when deleting a non-empty folder in a VSIX project
  • Crash when unregistering a file
  • Crash after using drag and drop for a custom action
  • Crash when saving a project generated by Inno setup import
  • Crash when deleting some control groups in specific dialog configurations
  • Temporary files were not removed for the Unicode updater
  • Unicode updater did not remember user names and passwords
  • Incorrect updater return code when the check frequency was not elapsed
  • License check parameters were encoded in Unicode for the Unicode updater
  • Invalid command line error when installing feature-based prerequisites that triggered a reboot
  • Installation started again after rebooting the machine
  • Prerequisites which required a reboot did not trigger it if their condition was not met after install
  • Custom download names were not supported by feature-based prerequisites
  • XML searches were performed for both InstallUISequence and InstallExecuteSequence
  • Multiple XML updates on the same file created a backup even if backups were disabled
  • XML update was not applied when the attribute execute options were not set
  • IIS browsing did not capture secure bindings
  • INI entry actions were not saved for new entries
  • Reboot was not suppressed for administrative installations
  • EXE LZMA temporary files were not removed from the output folder
  • Current feature shown in ribbon was not updated when opening a different project
  • Invalid output path was used when importing a Visual Studio setup project with the output path on a network drive
  • Incorrect source paths were used when importing a Visual Studio setup project
  • Embedded JAR files were not handled correctly by multilingual packages
  • Custom button in Spring theme did not work in Professional projects
  • MSI import did not ignore control events that referenced nonexistent controls
  • Log on as a service action was not removed when deleting all services that used it
  • Files picker did not have a filter for all features
  • Separator was not mandatory when appending or prepending an environment variable
  • Visual Studio did not display any notifications when a project was modified from outside