Advanced Installer 9.5 Release Notes

On September 10th, 2012 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 9.5 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 9.5 release introduces a brand new installer theme, inspired from the modern UI look of the upcoming Windows 8 Operating System. Get your installers ready for the future.

XML file updates are now possible in Merge Modules as well as in MSI packages and editing of multiple entries has been greatly simplified.

New features
  • New installer theme (Surface)
  • White background Air theme variation
  • Predefined dialog with both EULA and installation folder
  • Repository manager
  • Repository dialog import
  • Bulk editing for XML elements and attributes
  • XML file updates in Merge Module projects
  • Elevation failure detection with user prompt
  • Uninstall/Change button when overriding the Windows Installer programs entry
  • Project-based download of predefined prerequisites for off-line installers
  • MSZip archives support for SharePoint features
  • Overwrite and rename options when exporting a dialog to repository
  • "Move to feature" support for folders and registry keys
  • Added support for custom information in server-side serial number validation
  • Custom disk size support for Windows Installer programs entry
  • Formatted text support for user and group names
  • Filter for predefined prerequisites
  • Better date modification protection in licensing module for licenses with expiration dates
  • Separate HTTP and HTTPS bindings when creating the IIS browsing list
  • Added path variable conversion to merge modules, temporary files and dictionaries
  • ClientServerDlg dialog in Professional MSI project types
  • TomcatServerDlg dialog in Professional MSI project types
Bug fixes
  • Crash in Search page when building a project containing a Silverlight solution
  • Crash when using the same icon for different ProgIDs
  • Crash when repackaging files with a very old modify date
  • Error when deleting a referenced unused dialog
  • Pre-build events were executed after the missing resources check
  • Feature-based prerequisites were skipped when using command lines containing backslashes
  • Product Version was not resolved in the OSD output file for App-V builds
  • SQL files were not parsed correctly if a comment was added after the last statement
  • Wow6432Node key was created when importing a registry file
  • Some drivers were not repackaged correctly
  • Action data for UI custom actions was not exported correctly to the repository
  • Enhanced UI was not used when uninstalling an instance
  • Formatted text references to special MSM properties were not suffixed with the module ID
  • Merge modules were not validated correctly when added in an MSI project
  • MSM feature and folder names were not updated when modifying the merge module
  • Reference searches ignored XML updates
  • Product Name and Company Name were translated by default in multilingual installers
  • Moving a dialog to repository discarded controls added after that dialog was created
  • Image button controls were hidden incorrectly when overlapped by other image buttons
  • Client button from ClientServerDlg did not work on Modern theme
  • Some UI project strings disappeared when an HTML Host control displayed an HTML page
  • Dialog chain events were exported to the repository
  • ExitDialog was displayed incorrectly when using a custom position for the progress dialog
  • Build-time properties were visible in Table Editor
  • Office add-in solution was not reloaded correctly in project wizard
  • Formatted text values were not validated correctly in Updater view
  • Updater frequency check was reset when reloading the project
  • Readme file path did not support formatted text values