Advanced Installer 9.8 Release Notes

On December 20th, 2012 Caphyon Ltd. is proud to announce the release of Advanced Installer 9.8 in Free, Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions. This release is available for download on the Advanced Installer website.

The 9.8 release brings support for importing existing App-V packages into Advanced Installer projects for easy GUI-driven customization. The result can then be built as MSI, App-V or Thinapp packages.

New features
  • App-V packages import
  • Smart condition editor
  • Categorized updates
  • Set Product Version from file
  • IIS ASP.NET Impersonation support
  • IIS Basic Authentication support
  • SQL Server 2008 Express SP3 predefined prerequisite and launch condition
  • Adobe Reader XI predefined prerequisite and launch condition
  • Redesigned custom action properties dialog
  • Perform resource availability checks at build start
  • Multiple file editing for files placed in different folders
  • Configurable initial state for updates
  • Improved deletion of Virtual Directories and Web Applications in IIS 7 or higher
  • Better IIS configuration backup handling for name collisions
  • Option for making repackaged shortcuts advertised by default
  • Configurable meta data information for EXE bootstrapper
  • Improved error messages for failed Visual Studio Application import
Bug fixes
  • Crash after a project failed to load
  • Crash during IIS installation when Classic application pool pipeline mode and ASP.NET registration was used
  • Crash in Table Editor page when deleting dialog controls
  • Error when leaving Install Parameters page and current build is not an MSI
  • Project build error when changing the feature identifier for a repository prerequisite
  • Installation files extraction failed when using Unicode characters in the extraction path
  • Serial number validation condition was not evaluated correctly on Surface theme
  • XML search properties were empty in Install Execution Stage when using enhanced UI
  • Pre-build events were not executed in the command line interface
  • Dictionaries were not reloaded at build
  • DefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler was not triggered for Java Products
  • Runtime environment variable references did not work in the ClassPath of a Java Product
  • AppPool property was not imported for Web Sites for IIS 7 or higher
  • IIS Configuration import displayed the default HTTP binding for websites even when there were no such bindings
  • Web Sites did not start automatically after system reboot if their bindings conflicted with other sites (IIS 7 or higher)
  • AI_RecycleBin folder was not removed correctly when using folder removal with do not overwrite existing files option
  • Uninstall cleanup checkbox control was not positioned correctly on VerifyRemoveDlg dialog for Surface theme
  • Missing SQL scripts were not ignored in Table Editor page
  • Test installation UI failed when using localization
  • Automatically downloaded prerequisites used incorrect filenames
  • Merge module CAB file was not deleted after the EXE setup file was created
  • EXE bootstrapper failed to launch on Windows 95
  • CAB files were not extracted correctly on Windows ME
  • Package type was changed by a global prerequisite even if EXE was already selected
  • CancelDlg dialog did not cancel the installation when using slideshow with custom progress position
  • Theme switching disabled Cancel button on MinProgressDlg
  • Cancel button on MinProgressDlg dialog used incorrect control events
  • Progress dialog used incorrect position during image slideshow
  • SQL Server Native Client prerequisites conditions were incorrect