Danut Ghiorghita

Danut Ghiorghita

Dan has been part of the Advanced Installer's team for over seven years as a Solution Engineer. If you visit the Advanced Installer's forum , you will likely find him helping clients with product explanations and technical difficulties that they may be experiencing. In addition, he is the person to go to for demos and technical presentations to our current and prospective clients. And we are grateful for his contributions to our blog, which he does whenever he has the occasion.


Written articles

Investigation and Resolution of .exe.local Directory Vulnerabilities

At Advanced Installer, security is not just a feature; it's a core value. We are dedicated to protecting our users' data, intellectual property, and overall digital well-being. Our commitment extends to every aspect of our product, offering a secure and reliable environment for installation and deployment needs.

Create Web, Offline & Enterprise MSI within the same Advanced Installer project

In the dynamic world of software installation, one often faces the challenge of creating both offline and web installers, not to mention the MSI version for Enterprise customers.

How to Create a Sparse Package

A “Sparse” package contains an AppxManifest.xml but, unlike a regular/full package, the manifest can reference files outside its package in a predetermined 'external location’.

How to Show Toast Notification for Your Updates

A toast notification is a message that your app can create and deliver to your user while they are not currently inside your app.

How to Generate Updates Configuration File in Azure DevOps pipelines with Advanced Installer PowerShell Automation

With Advanced Installer’s PowerShell automation, you can automatically create the Updates Configuration File –the one placed on your server and used by the Updater to determine if there are any updates available.

Windows 11 Software Packaging Updates

Windows 11's official release on October 5th, 2021 brings significant updates to the software industry which have direct implications in current application packaging processes.

How to Bind the SSL Certificate During the Upgrade Process Using Custom Actions

During the installation process of WebApps, there are cases where users are asked to select an SSL certificate. This is because this certificate is used by the IIS elements.

How to Use PowerShell to trigger MSI installation from an MSIX package

Sometimes we need to have a single distribution package as an MSIX, which includes MSIX supported features along with MSI features that are no longer available (such as old drivers).

How To Backup and Restore Files during a Major Upgrade using Custom Actions

One of the main things we need to consider when performing a Major Upgrade is how we will backup and restore our previous files and folders.

How To: Replace a file in an existing installer

The method to replace an existing configuration file varies depending on the application installer's format. For example, whether it's a vendor MSI from an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or an EXE.