Advanced Installer Enables Enterprise Security directly from the installer package


How Advanced Installer helps Enterprises offer security solutions with its Device Guard Signing integration?

Starting with version 17.3, Advanced Installer natively supports Device Guard Signing. This feature is of most use for the vendors to prepare their software product installers to be used in enterprise environments.

Check the following video and learn how you can use Device Guard signing in Advanced Installer:

Security issues are one of the most challenging factors that IT departments are confronting.

To protect users from malware threats, Microsoft introduced Device Guard Signing, which is part of the Device Guard feature and can be found in the Microsoft Store for Business and Education

Device Guard Signing gives enterprises the possibility to assure organizations that the apps they will be using come from a trusted source.

Get your packages ready for the trustworthiness test

Starting with version 17.3, Advanced Installer complements the now traditional techniques of digital signing by integrating the Device Guard signing feature for all types of packages (EXE/MSI/MSIX).

The goal of using Device Guard signing is to create reliable ready applications for deployment and give users and organizations comfort about their software’s sources they will be using.

Advanced Installer intuitive UI helps you get your package trustworthy ready by the Device Guard policy with only one click. All you need is an active Microsoft Active Directory account and the rest we will take care of.

Alternatively, you can use our command-line support for Device Guard signing to access your account and sign your package.

For better access control, you have the option to store the actual password in an environment variable to prevent mishandling.

How to register Advanced Installer for Device Guard Signing on Azure Active Directory?

To use Device Guard signing, you have to accept Advanced Installer as an approved app into the Microsoft Azure portal. To find how to achieve this, take a look on our How-To article :

NoteThis feature is available starting with the Professional edition.

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