MSIX Supported Features by OS Version

Written by Bogdan Mitrache · June 5th, 2020

Building an MSIX package for your app? Use the table below to check what Windows version you can target, depending on the features you are using.

To avoid repeating Windows 10 through the entire table, we’ll use the update short name. Functionality not present in this table is considered to be available on all supported Windows 10 versions.

NoteThe MSIX support was officially released with the Windows 10, 1809 update. Support for previous Windows versions was added later on, requiring the latest version of the AppInstaller app from Microsoft

MSIX Features & Tooling Minimum OS VersionNotes
MSIX self extraction, no containerizationWindows 7
AppInstaller (GUI)1709
Package Management PowerShell Cmdlets1709
PSF Fixups1709
PowerShell Scripting1709Available through PSF
Fonts2004Support for fonts in the package. The fonts remain contained within the package but are made available both inside and outside the container.
allowElevation flag1809Works if the Win32 app has the execution level set to “requireAdministrator“.
ForceUpdateFromAnyVersion flag1809Enables downgrade scenarios
Modification Packages1809
Microsoft Store Publishing1809
Windows 10 S (device targeting)1809As a target device for deploying apps in your infrastructure.
Protocol Handlers1909
Shell Extensions1909Support for Context Menu shell extensions. Other shell extensions might work.
User Registry Changes2004Support for user modification of HKCU items in the package. Only available if the package has a User.Reg file.
MSIX Bundles1809For 1709 and 1803 you can use .appxbundles as alternative.
NT Services2004The services actually run outside the MSIX container.
Start Menu folders/grouping20H2
Shared Package Containern\aPresented at Ignite 2021 (March edition) as a future feature.
Flexible Containern\aPresented at Ignite 2021 (March edition) as a future feature. Support for unvirtualized writes to HKCU and AppData.
Configurable Container Leveln\aPresented by Microsoft at Ignite 2018 as a future feature.

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