Installer Analytics FAQ

I did not receive the account confirmation email. Can I still use the application?

No, you need to wait until the confirmation email reaches your inbox. Please check your Spam folders too, usually the email gets to you in a couple of minutes after the purchase is completed.

Can I change my login email address?

I'm afraid this currently is not possible. You can only reset your password, from your account details page, when logged in.

Can I be billed annually?

Yes, when you sign up for our Installer Analytics subscription you'll have the option to pay monthly or yearly.

Can I upgrade my subscription plan?

You can add more applications to your subscriptions by logging in onto There use the available options from the header to add a new application and the website will automatically prompt you to upgrade your subscription.

How do I upgrade my account from free to paid?

You can purchase your subscription from our Installer Analytics - Purchase page using the same email address as the one used to sign up for free. This way your free account will automatically convert to a paid one.

You can also start the purchase directly from your Account page, in Installer Analytics.

Can I upgrade my subscription plan to more than 100.000 events (install, side-by-side install, uninstall, maintenance, upgrade, and patch) for all my applications, per month?

Yes, if your applications exceed this number of events please contact us.

What happens after the 100.000 events (install, side-by-side install, uninstall, maintenance, upgrade, and patch) limit is reached? Do you stop counting them?

No, we still count the additional events. You will be given the option to upgrade to a custom pricing plan or to maintain the current limit. Based on your decision we stop counting new events or not.

Against what time zone is the data gathered and displayed?

All data is processed on the Greenwich Mean Time by default. You can change this from your Installer Analytics account, in Settings view.

Will future reports take into account installations performed before the report is available?

Yes, post-processing of existing data will be performed the moment a new report is made available.

What do I need to add into my installer to enable analytics?

First you need to login into your Installer Analytics account and define your application. A new application ID will be automatically assigned for it, copy that.

Now just open your project in Advanced Installer, go to Installer Analytics page, enable it and then paste the application ID generated from your Installer Analytics account.

How will the product be delivered?

After purchasing an email will be sent to your inbox with more details about your Installer Analytics account and its activation.

How long will it take for collected analytics data to be processed and visible in my account page?

The collected analytics data should instantly be visible in your Installer Analytics account.

If we cancel our subscription, what happens to the data that has already been collected from our installers?

The data is kept for another 6 months, in case you restart the trial/subscription and afterwards it gets deleted.

If we cancel our subscription, will new data continue to be collected from our installers?

The installers will send data to our servers as long as the option is enabled into your Advanced Installer projects, in Analytics page. Any data sent by the installers after the expiration/cancellation date of the subscription will be rejected automatically.

If we cancel our subscription, what will happen to our installers that have been built with the Installer Analytics enabled? Will the installation continue working, or will it cause some sort of errors?

The installation will still work, nothing will change for the end users, they will not see any error messages. The same stands if you cancel your subscription.

Is Installer Analytics GDPR compliant?

Yes, Installer Analytics is GDPR compliant. To learn more read our Privacy Policy.

How can I enable/disable auto-renew option for my Analitycs app?

To do this, you need to have a 2Checkout account to log in on the website, from where you can enable or disable this option(My Products section). If you don’t have one already, you can create an account by accessing the confirmation email, at the Support Information section.