Maintenance Plans FAQ

Does a new subscription include a Maintenance Plan?

Any Advanced Installer subscription includes the same benefits included in a maintenance plan attached to a perpetual license and more. All subscriptions give you access to priority support.

My Maintenance Plan has expired. What do I do now?

You need to purchase a new Maintenance Plan. Just go to our Maintenance page and enter the license key you received with your original purchase. You will be prompted to select a Maintenance Plan from the ones suitable for your license type.

What happens to my Maintenance Plan when I upgrade my license?

When upgrading to a higher license, your remaining Maintenance Plan will be automatically upgraded, completely free of charge.

If your Maintenance Plan is already expired or will expire in less than 6 months, you will receive a free 6-month Maintenance Plan renewal instead.

If I choose not to renew the Maintenance Plan, will my license be affected?

No. You will still be able to use your currently installed version of Advanced Installer, but you will lose access to future application updates, as well as the technical support service.

Backward compatibility with certain cloud integrations (e.g. Intune, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Installer Analytics, and others) for older versions of Advanced Installer will not be provided indefinitely. For the best integration experience, we recommend using a version of Advanced Installer released in the last 24 months.

How can I get my project back after modifying it with a version not supported by my maintenance plan?

When a project is opened with a newer version, a backup is created next to it. This backup file can be opened with the Advanced Installer version you last used on the project before the upgrade.